Five Things You Didn't Know About Thor: The Video Game (1up)

1up: Way back at San Diego Comic-Con in July, Sega formally announced Thor: The Video Game with a pretty lousy teaser trailer that told us absolutely nothing about the game other than it existed, it was based on Thor, and its development team had managed to render Thor's back and at least one environment before the trailer had to be cut.

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Dramscus2828d ago

I didn't even know there was a thor video game.
It doesn't seem like a big deal though.
I mean thors not the most awesome character around.

DaBadGuy2828d ago

Thor is fine it's just his alter ego that sucks. With Spider-Man, you care about Spider-Man and Peter Parker, same with Iron Man, Batman, etc. But I couldnt care less about Donald Blake. Unless you are a faithful reader of the comics you probably wouldn't even know his alter ego's name, he just doesn't matter.

jimsondanet2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I didnt even know he had an alt. I can see why itd be underwhelming.

zireno2828d ago

There's just something about a guy with little wings in it's helmet that doesn't allow me to take him seriously.

DaBadGuy2828d ago

So what, you hate Captain America too? I guess you hate bald eagles and football as well? Go back behind the curtain, commie.


zireno2828d ago

I don't hate thor nor captain america, however I do find them both the least appealing of the super heroes, and yes, those little wings on their helmets look ridiculous but hey, whatever floats your boat right?

Btw it's really sweet of you to want to know more about me, I love eagles, I think it has something to do with them not having little wings on their heads, and I do hate football, I'm more of a baseball fan.

I find very amusing that a little comment that goes agains what you like can upset you that much and start attacking people calling them communist, but hey, I guess that's what they teach you in the US as a little kid right? that patriotism bs, well... back to playing castlevania :)

Cenobia2827d ago

The "/s" in his comment means "end sarcasm".

It was a sarcastic remark. I don't know anyone that would call someone a communist as a serious insult (but I would find it equally as hilarious either way).

Unless you were being sarcastic which case I'm stuck in a an infinite loop of sarcasm.

zireno2827d ago

yeah, I was being sarcastic, didn't find necessary to put the /s in the end given the crap I wrote :) .

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Christopher2828d ago

1. It's only being made to coincide with the movie release, not typically a sign of quality so much as just cashing in on the movie.

2. It's being put out on every platform, yet another sign of lack of quality and just trying to cash in on the movie.

3. Sega, who is developing the video game, have made some of the worst marvel games out there, including Iron Man 1 and 2.

4. The writer, Matt Fraction, is not so well known for his Thor writing as he is for his Iron Man and Iron Fist writings. His Thor productions have been mostly overlooked for not doing anything out of the ordinary for the story of Thor. This could be good, but one would have hoped for a more keyed writer on the story of Thor.

Tony P2828d ago

I Was about to say the same thing.

Number one thing I didn't know about the Thor game: that it exists.

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Apotheosize2828d ago

Another licensed movie title, which will ultimately fail, nothing to see here folks

rdgneoz32828d ago

"While the game will tie into the movie, it will not follow the plot exactly. The game -- which is being penned by author and Thor veteran Matt Fraction -- will take Thor to iconic locations from the comics that are not touched on in the film"

Not following the movie's plot, so it might be somewhat good seeing as Batman:AA and Spiderman:SD came out pretty good. Then again, with the teaser looking eh and all the crappy super hero games out there...

Anderson82828d ago

both the batman and spiderman games where independant and had nothing at all to do with their movie counterparts.. from when this game will tie into the movie, in any way, you know it will be [email protected]

DarthMoose2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

This game will most likely suck, just like the iron man games

CaptainAmerica2828d ago

XMO:Wolverine wasnt an excellent game, but if this game is anything like it ill definitely enjoy it.

Tikicobra2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I hope no one is anticipating this. Every time a new movie game is announced, people think "Well, that sounds cool. Could this be the end of bad movie games?"

But we all know this game is going to suck. The graphics will be ugly, the bosses will be poorly done SotC rip-offs, the combat will be clunky and shallow, and the facial animation will be scary.

I know I'm going to be flamed, but whatever, we're all thinking it.

Tony P2828d ago

No, I agree with the pessimism. It's well supported. I can't prejudge this game, but movies games pretty much always suck.

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