'Unreal Engine 7' exists - it's just called UE3, says Bulletstorm chief

Those claiming that Epic's Unreal Engine 3 is becoming outdated, eat thy words.

According to Bulletstorm boss Adrian Chmielarz, Epic adds "astounding" improvements to the engine every quarter - so much so, the studio "could have named the latest version something like Unreal Engine 7".

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kingjoker342985d ago

One thing i absolutely hate about the UE3 is the time it takes to load textures, like when you start a game or something it takes like 20 seconds for the textures to load

DaTruth2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Funny thing with that is, Digital Foundry decided that slow texture loading and impromptu loading in Enslaved 360 version, isn't as bad as a little more stutter and some screen tearing in Enslaved PS3 version.

Some people(like myself) don't even notice screen tearing, but slow texture loading doesn't get past anybody.

Enslaved should have been equal on both platforms given that they both suffer from serious flaws and neither's were considered game breaking!

But how could something be worked on and updated so much and still be so broken? I don't think Epic should be touting this!

Lord_Doggington2985d ago

are you kidding? screen tearing completely destroys the atmosphere and removes the player from the experience. that's why it's such a no-no

GraySnake2985d ago

and a game that has to keep loading the same textures over and over again doesn't?

Anderson82985d ago


yea i definitely agree i hardly ever see screen tearing but slow loading textures is hard to miss

ExplosionSauce2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I think Lord_Doggington was being sarcastic, lol.

My only beef with the Unreal Engine is that light bloom effect that's always around.
And AA.

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ATi_Elite2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

The Unreal Engine....
made from a partnership between Dow Plastics and Hasbro Play-Doh because everything in an Unreal Engine game looks to be made from Play-doh covered in shiny plastic.

If Epic was really Epic, they would make a new engine.

mac_sparrow2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I'd join that, wouldn't miss out on as many excellent games as you might think. Yes, Arkham would be one but try coming up with lots of others that are going to be brilliant.

Of course it wouldn't stop companies using middleware, they'd only move to another at the absolute most. Therefore I must unfortunately accept that some games will look like I'm playing with action man figures and avoid these in my games are for all ages arguments.

osamaq2985d ago


that was hilarious bubbles 4 u :)

I hate unreal engine 2

DigitalAnalog2985d ago


-End statement

ndibu2985d ago

-Continue statement
Why don't you ever write those? What we're smart enough to know where your statements start but we'd be lost not knowing where they end so you have to tell us?
-End Statement

SoSLy2985d ago

kinda sucks wasting your only bubble just to tell em that and its not even on topic..

DaTruth2985d ago

Reported: for being off topic!

(Just kidding, didn't actually do that)

edhe2985d ago

I did :D

Just wondering why people don't understand it?

gamerdude1322985d ago

That's a bit of an overstatement, don't you think? Aside from the 10-second texture loading, the Engine's good, but UE7? Haha, you guys just wait another 40 years when the ACTUAL UE 7 comes in and THIS ONE looks like crap.

DaTruth2985d ago

Baked in lighting is simply last gen and shouldn't be acceptable in this day and age! With all the incredible lighting techniques in this gen, lighting is a staple of this generation and a defining hallmark, almost determining the difference between a last-gen/this-gen game, especially with some games even straying into real-time ray-tracing!

ChronoJoe2985d ago

I was thinking about this yesterday. Looking at bulletstorm it looks like epic are running UE4 already...

WLPowell2985d ago

but bulletstorm doesn't look better than some other games that use UE3. Bulletstorm visually has always looked kinda meh to me.

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