IGN: GC 2007: Unreal Tournament 3 Progress Report

Midway gave IGN an extended look at the latest build of Unreal Tournament 3 at this year's Leipzig Games Conference. On display were a variety of vehicles, weapons, and a new multiplayer mode called Warfare. Both the PS3 and PC versions were on hand and IGN got a look at both along with a bit of hands-on time with the PS3 build.

First up they saw the PS3 build and got a tour of Necropolis. The mode of play was capture the flag in a vehicle rich area, which makes the fast game of Unreal Tournament 3 even faster. Or at least it would have been fast paced if there was any opposition present in this opening part of the demo. The map was empty for a purpose though: IGN was about to get a look at several sweet looking vehicles and weapons.

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All I just need is my controller and the look sensitivity cranked up all the way and I'm golden. That always helps me out when I'm playing console FPSs.