The Five Most Fun Characters To Play As "Mechanics fuel good gameplay and that is what ultimately makes a good game. But every once and a while there's a character that makes a game better just by being in it. The only thing better than watching them fight, is being them and knowing their power. From action games to third person shooters, the following is a list of characters that are beyond awesome in terms of 'cool factor'. They've got the moves, they've got the weapons, and above all else they are (the most) fun to play as."

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MrMccormo2975d ago

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but Coletrain, Bayonetta, and Kratos are three of the most dull video game characters in existence. Don't get me wrong: their games are very fun, but there are far better (and funner) video game characters out there.

JDouglasGU2975d ago

duke nukem should be fun eventually. xD

mephman2975d ago

Meh, I honestly don't care much about him any more. I mean sure, he has some cool one liners, but he's been gone for so long.

ape0072975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

retains that golden duke nukum experience, I hope that DNF have the same design style of the original duke not move from point A to point B.... check point..... repeat with only 2 guns in your hand......checkpoint....move.. ..hold "x" or "square" to change weapon, keep that for cod and halo, it work for them, it dose not work with duke at all

Old School Design FTW

Mista T2975d ago

Duke Nukem was the first to come to mind, you are the ultimate bad ass saving our chicks from alien scum, he is the most, or will be the most fun :P

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mephman2975d ago

It's all about the Cole Train baby! I hope he gets a bigger part in Gears 3.

Fishy Fingers2975d ago

As long as it's not his arms, or thats half the screen gone ;)

mephman2975d ago

Haha, well at least Baird is more likely to get cut out then. :p

pimpmaster2975d ago

i think baird is hated universally.

moshdude2975d ago

I actually Like Baird. He isn't the stereotypical 'hench' soldier

Soul Train2975d ago

This is a fantastic list!

Kioran2975d ago

I love the cole train so much, I've already called him for gears 3.

JDouglasGU2975d ago

snake is a great character

mephman2975d ago

He is pretty iconic. I mean, he even got in SSBB.

ape0072975d ago

but the best "snake" ever imo was the snake from mgs2, in the TANKER part

a total [email protected]

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