9.0 PlayStation Move Review

Back in June 2009 when the PlayStation Move was unveiled it was greeted with varying degrees of trepidation from gamers across the globe. Despite Sony stating Move would offer true 1:1 motion control, one of the major concerns was that it would be just like Nintendo’s Wii remote and not offer anything new or different at all, whereas others just thought it looked silly. After all, it basically looked like a remote with a glowing rubber sphere attached to it. It’s fair to say, it was a bold move by Sony (no pun intended), especially with Microsoft offering motion control without the need for a controller at all in the form of Kinect.

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8-bit2860d ago

Yet another great score for the Move. Sony struck gold with this one. I am loving RE5 with the move and can't wait for the Mag 2.0 patch!