Open Beta canceled and new images for Killzone 3 A big mistake?

At the expense of what we published recently, Guerrilla Games has put online the link to access the Killzone Beta 3. We learn from an anonymous source close to Sony that in fact the Beta was supposed to remain closed, a gift for only a small number of enthusiastic users who have subscribed to the service Playstation + and did the chance to test the previous chapter.

Also seems that the holders of that Beta will soon also be able to test an update for the Playstation Move, just introduced a few days in the market.

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dangert122889d ago

I'm not going to pretend im not happy with ps+ because i am happy with what they have given me,but they need to sort there shit out on the uk store every monthly update has been late or came the next day we never got out heavy rain theme and next months content has dlc missing oh and this months unannounced surprises was 2 demo's(that sucks)and still no beta in sight i'd still sign up for playstation plus again dispite the difference between the eu and the us plus exprience i am very happy just wish sony would stick to there word so it would be that much sweeter and why do the updated really late on in the day they said ps+ is for hardcore games we don't want to wait all day for the new stuff thats one thing i prefered about microsoft wake up in the morning and your shit was there to download

iamnsuperman2889d ago

The Beta situation should be clarified. Its really only open Betas that we get invited for without any special circumstance attached to it. I am happy with PSN+ too but it does seam the US are getting a better deal with some of the releases. I think Sony need to re-evaluate the PSN+ situation. We are basically normal subscribers but we pay to get things discounted.

dangert122889d ago

yeah it does need looking at,
it feels like they sat in a meeting and said we need a premium sevice better then xbox live but then did not add structure to it making it seem thrown together

mrv3212889d ago

Open beta: Is something you don't have to apply for, it's just released on PSN these are usually mere server tests note MGO BETA.
Closed beta: Is something you are sent and email for, you are chosen by SOny or a company.
Then there's the awkward middle child where you must jump through hoops to get in, sign up to euro gamer, find the hidden code etc.

The_Count2889d ago

This whole beta thing with PS+ has benn a shambles. I'm disapointed tbh.

Rainstorm812889d ago

The beta can remain closed, but PS+ users NEED to be involved in the closed beta.

1. Half the people that got PS+ heard that we will get betas and im sure KZ3 beta was in majority of those users thoughts.

2. KZ3 beta will bring more PS+ users

Its a win-win....... dont be stupid Sony & GG

BTW ive long since gotten my moneys worth out of PS+ but i would definately like more betas......Wheres the LBP2 beta for PS+ users????

dangert122889d ago

I think sony will remian professional at what they are doing and thats why were not getting into these beta's but i reckon the open ones that you normally go on a sight and download the code for will be more easier to access if you ask me like the blur one not long back saying that im sure the medal oh honour one came out while plus was out and ignored the service completely

X-Frame2889d ago

There's no way they're going to be able to allow every PS+ subscriber to get in every important beta like KZ3. If anything, it'll be a random selection process of PS+ people.

ElementX2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

"Half the people that got PS+ heard that we will get betas and im sure KZ3 beta was in majority of those users thoughts."

Don't make assumptions! You'll get your exclusive betas for PacMan Universe or Barbie Horse Riders 3D or something.

You were scammed into PS+ by talk of betas but you really have no idea what sort of betas you'll have access to, furthermore, not every + user will have access to every beta that's made available.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2889d ago

"We learn from an anonymous source close to Sony"

Yeah I stopped reading after that.

Christopher2889d ago

***At the expense of what we published recently, Guerrilla Games has put online the link to access the Killzone Beta 3.***

I'm confused.

suleproductions2889d ago

I'm a ps+ plus member and own kz2 does tht mean I get in the beta?

2889d ago
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