Realtime Worlds assumed it would sell 'zillions of copies' of APB

Following on from yesterday's announcement that APB is to close, ex-Realtime Worlds employee Luke Halliwell has revealed that the developer assumed the game would sell "zillions of copies", and were "complacent about game design" and "business planning".

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Pandemic3008d ago

Well they definitely thought wrong...

NecrumSlavery3008d ago

There's little endorsements and no real support for it. Did they think..."Oh a Saints Row/GTA MMO...That'll sell.." Man you got to kidding me, APB looked retarded from start to finish.

ProjectVulcan3008d ago

The flaw wasnt the concept but the execution. When i got into the beta right at the start, nearly a year ago now, i thought this is basic, but they have over 6 months to improve it.

3 months later i went back to see what had changed and the answer was very little, its as though the clock had stood still. The developers did not develop the concept beyond fundamental elements. It was barely better than something a team of good students could knock out.

Baka-akaB3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

i think the flaws were as much in the concept than the execution .

They've spent most time in preview ands interview tricking (as usual very gullible and unprofessionals) journalists over the wowz factor of cutomising your guy/gal and "hey it's a gta online" ..than anything else

joydestroy3008d ago

rofl yeah they thought wrong!

Persistantthug3008d ago

Step your GTA'ish game FOR CONSOLES...I don't care how you do it, just make sure it gets done.
By the time this game gets finished, all the HD consoles will have 30 million users each.

Step 2...have several factions (Good, Bad, in between, and perhaps a super evil) with back story

Step 3....LOTS AND LOTS of different guns and parts and items and accesorries...lots.....LOOT = Good

Step4...City needs to be urban and filled with people and cars.

Step 5...RPG upgrade & stats.

How's my game goin so far?
Can't be any worse, right?

Seferoth753008d ago

Yeah make an MMO for consoles.. Cause they sale a bazillion there. Another company out of business. You are no better than they are really.

Seriously that is like bring a knife to a gun fight.. Showing up with your last gen MMO and want it to compete with current gen MMOs like warcraft..while using a controller... Yeah yours would have bombed worse.

All I got to was put it on consoles and that was all the poof anyone needs you are clueless to what you are talking about.

DeadlyFire3007d ago

It would have sold well if done it right. First problem I have is its pay to play MMO. If it was free to play it would be better, but still not the best. I am positive they could have made this game much more solid than what I have seen of it.

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TrevorPhillips3008d ago

R.I.P APB we hardly knew you.

Kingdom Come3008d ago

Well that's just Crazy...

Quagmire3008d ago

When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME

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