Metroid Prime 3 - The first hour

There's no question as to which game Wii owners are madly clawing for - it's Metroid Prime 3. Imagine Games Radar's happy surprise when the full game showed up on their doorstep yesterday afternoon, ready to share its precious secrets.

Being the kind-hearted souls that they are, they recorded the entire first hour of gameplay, and present it here, cut up into easily digestible bits. See everything from Grapple Beam to Morph Ball antics.


Games Radar has removed the footage. You can view it at, link is available below at alternative sources.

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ChickeyCantor3901d ago

Fvcking hell i almost watched it >_<
spoiler spoilers spoilers!

MACHone3901d ago

That is the question. I guess it wouldn't hurt, though -- maybe just a peek.

On a side note, as awesome as this game looks, you'd probably be surprised at how many people AREN'T hyped about this game or haven't even heard of it. I work at a game store and nearly every Wii owner I speak with has no idea what "Metroid Prime" is.

ChickeyCantor3901d ago

The worst thing is...Halo fans actually compare this to halo and without even knowing the game, they just say halo is better.

yes yes personal preferences, but atleast play the game....its still goes by the laws of the original games the only difference is the 3d aspect.

i cant w8 .....i have to w8 2 months.

alexander22rednaxela3901d ago (Edited 3901d ago )

It does remind me about the Halo opening though I don`t understand why they where soo inpired by that, because the opening in Halo was great but it was the overall experience that mede Halo HALO.

This is a huge spoiler if you own a Wii, and the game looks good(to be on Wii hardware) but it feels old the entire time. Sad to see the limitations of the Wii hardware soo early in it`s cycle.

djt233901d ago

the game soo hot
i cant wait to get it

Silvia0073900d ago

Did I mention... Metroid is GAY in 3D. Well it is in IMHO. Absolutely loved the 2D series, still have all the originals for Gameboy and Super Metroid for Super Nintendo.

ChickeyCantor3900d ago

did you finished prime 1? if not then STFU because if you did you realize it hasnt changed @ all.

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