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I Only Recently Finished Metroid Prime.!!

1374d ago - GNVR writes: I have only recently finished Metroid Prime for the Gamecube. I know what your all t... | GameCube

Extra Credits: True Female Characters

1637d ago - This week, Extra Credits look at what it takes to write a great female game character. | Culture

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Age of Ultron is coming to Blu-ray. And we have something special in store for it's arrival. Come find out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

5 game sequels to look forward to

1859d ago - When a series of video games is beloved by fans, it's risky for makers to put a new game in the s... | PC

Neocrisis - Metroid: Other M Box Art *Europe*

1871d ago - Neocrisis: - Nintendo has released the European box art for Metroid: Other M which is coming to t... | Wii

Metroid: Other M Details Surface

1872d ago - Gamezone: "According to Ark, a forum member of the Metroid Database, who got a chance to try out... | Wii

Jessica Simpons's Metroid Screenplay Leaked

1896d ago - Site "The Rumor Miller" is reporting to have a leaked version of the script for the Metroid Movie... | Nintendo DS

9 new things about Metroid: Other M

1954d ago - GamesRadar: Yoshio Sakamoto is known as the father of Metroid. Not that he likes the title. &quot... | 3

New Metroid: Other M Screens

1996d ago - Nintendo has released a new batch of Metroid: Other M screens. Showing off different parts of the... | 3

Joystiq: Metroid: Other M Producer Interview

2001d ago - After delivering a GDC panel on his cinematic inspiration, Joystiq met with Metroid: Other M prod... | 3

G4TV: Metroid: Other M Preview and Interview

2004d ago - Abbie Heppe spoke to Nintendo's Nate Bihldorff to get the inside scoop on Wii game Metroid: Other... | 3

Metroid Prime other M is Nintendo's Next Super Mario Bros Wii

2010d ago - Article on the similar controls that New Super Mario Bros Wii and Metriod Prime other M share. ho... | 3

GameDaily: Metroid: Other M Preview

2012d ago - GameDaily writes: "Metroid: Other M looks impressive. Nintendo announced a surprise June 27t... | 3

N-Europe: Metroid: Other M Hands-On

2012d ago - Faced with the legacy of the popular Metroid Prime trilogy, it was a bold move for Nintendo to ta... | 3

Infendo hands-on: Metroid Other M, a mix of Prime and Ninja Gaiden in contextual 3D

2014d ago - Infendo: Space. Wreckage. An storm of asteroids or possibly energy particles, destroying the rema... | 3

NWR: Metroid: Other M Preview

2015d ago - NWR writes: "First announced at last year's E3, Metroid: Other M is a highly anticipated thi... | 3

Hands On: Metroid: Other M - WorthPlaying

2016d ago - WorthPlaying writes, "Samus is back. For everyone out there who considers the 2-D Metro... | 3

Metroid: Other M Deveoper Interview - Nate Bihldorff

2016d ago - WorthPlaying posted an interview with Nintendo's Nate Bihldorff, the localization producer at Ni... | 3,11

Joystiq Hands-on: Metroid: Other M

2016d ago - Joystiq writes: "There's a lot I want to tell you about the 45-minute demo of Metroid: Other... | 3

New Metroid: Other M screenshots

2017d ago - First new screenshots of the new Metroid game from Nintendo/Team Ninja since E3 2009. | 3

5 Wii Games To Dominate E3

2018d ago - Despite its vast lead in the so-called console war, Nintendo is often ignored by core gamers beca... | 3

Killer Instinct: Season 2 (XB1) Review

Now - Drew finally reviews the complete Season 2 of Killer Instinct. | Promoted post

Wii Games 2010: More to expect than Zelda, Mario Galaxy 2 and Metroid Other M

2054d ago - Videogameszone named their Wii highlights for 2010. There is more to expect than "only"... | 3,11

Nintendo Says To Expect Metroid: Other M In 2010

2060d ago - G4TV writes: Yesterday, it was revealed that Nintendo has stopped shipping its Wii collection Met... | 3

New Best Buy Sale on Nintendo Wii Games

2080d ago - is offering several Nintendo Wii video games on sale this week at the best prices onl... | 3

Metroid Prime Team Discusses Their Decade Of Samus, Ponders Series' Future

2169d ago - Nintendo tied up its "Metroid Prime" franchise nicely with their recent "Trilogy&q... | 3

411mania: The Release List for the Week of August 24, 2009

2199d ago - 411mania talks about this week's game releases. Highlights include Dissidia: Final Fantasy, Mana... | 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 12

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