Wii Need A Good Game: Why Licensed Games Are Keeping The Wii In The Kiddy Pool

On a trip to the nearest video game distributor (CB Games won't name names, but people often stop to get games there) CB Games found that their eye was caught on the selection of games for the Nintendo Wii. For a moment, CB Games thought that Disney might have bought out Nintendo: the percentage of licensed games was overwhelming compared to the actual number of games available.

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MK_Red4050d ago

Well, its not just licensed games. EA is feeding it with terribly childish and bad games like Boogie and EA Playground and even Nintendo had Zelda so far as its only mature and real game.

unsunghero284050d ago

Super Paper Mario and Super Mario Strikers were actually a lot of fun, and both pretty "mature" (if by mature you mean hardcore) experiences. They're both must-haves if you own a Wii.

ChickeyCantor4050d ago (Edited 4050d ago )

kid friendly....kid!friendly! for FVCK sake!

"If the Wii is selling like hotcakes and aiming to get casual and serious gamers interested, then why are there so few serious games to go with the casual ones?"

so he saw few kids AIMED games along with Zelda and RE:4 yet he argues with him self there are no serious games....
guess he hasn't seen the upcoming line up....>_< is this guy sleeping under a rock?

" But the GameCube did poorly as a system because of the lack of compelling games and the plethora of games aimed only at children"
I don't know Nintendo aims for everyone therefor its kid-friendly not kiddy.

"but it is not trying to pull in the people who actually care about gaming as a hobby and sometimes as a way of life: the serious gamers."
this guy is on crack.XD

this article really fails. All this guy saw were some games aimed for the younger ones and suddenly its for kids only....blegh

Rooftrellen4050d ago

So basicly the article is complaining that the Wii is going though a similar hard time to the PS2 after launch, and there are only a few hundred hours of "hardcore" games out for it now.

After writing an article about how the Wii has too many games based on movies, the writer went home and played Transformers on the 360.