Gran Turismo 5: 10 Minutes of Impressive Crashs, Demolitions and Physics Effects

A new Gran Turismo 5 video (10 minutes) shows crashs, demolitions and physics effects of the game.

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MacGamer2871d ago

looks good for a teaser... would have loved to see the car self destruct with some of those head on accidents though

Venatus-Deus2871d ago

The aim of the game is to race, get great lap times, win races and you do this by avoiding collisions.

You are asking for Destruction Derby

squelchy152871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Damn double post

squelchy152871d ago

Yeah but accidents in races DO happen. All racing fans know that, so it's good to show this kinda stuff.

juniordee2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Video taken by GTPlanet user Rated-M3, and originally posted on

Please don't give any credits to videogameszone.

Red_Orange_Juice2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

@juniordee, ok you got it :)

MacGamer2871d ago

Yes, but as per squelchy15's post, accidents do happen and this is racing... I'm a die hard car race fan, and that my friend is what happens in most races.

But having said that, the game looks great :)

Venatus-Deus2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

And when they do you will have damage... but the race will not be over.

Any accident over 50mph will end your race in real life.

Do you really want that in the game?

beardpapa2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Except in a real race, race car drivers don't intentionally slam their vehicle into the wall for destruction derby effects. They race to win.

@cwir: You know, sometimes I wonder if we can really trust the translation of game journalists. Did PD really say it'll be realistic or did the journalists interpret it that way? Just like that confusion over interior views, a portion of people construed it to be cockpit views while the other portion thought it to be internal views (e.g., engine, springs, struts, exhaust, bolts).

And if you go by "like we've never seen before" then it'd be true in a sense. It's never been done in any previous GT.

I don't know about you guys but to me GT always seemed like a car collection game. Sort of like a pokemon with cars. Gotta catch em all. I think it's great PD is improving on the formula, but change it too much and it's no longer a GT game.

cwir2871d ago

Yes it is the aim of the game. And that's why I'm getting it, to race realistic cars and supercars. That's why I got a steering wheel and a stand for it. And I won't be driving backwards just to crash the car.

But given the time they spent developing this game and how they said how realistic the damage system will be, this is pure crap.
It was supposed to be "like we've never seen before". Well guess what - I've seen better. Over 2 year old Burnout Paradise's damage system is beating this. Over 2 year old GTA 4's damage system is beating this. I know it's a different game, different engine, bla bla. And I wouldn't mind it being like this if it weren't for all the talk about how great it would be.

Don't get me wrong, I still love the graphics and the physics and I'm getting this game day 1 and I'll be playing it for years to come. But I guess after all this wait and raised expectations, they don't seem to be all met...

bjornbear2871d ago

still, impressive. Strange other cars don't get damage, anyone know if that can be toggled?

and I agree with venatus deus.

basically they might as well add a "If you crash over "x" speed race is over" if you want it THAT realistic.

I think they won't sacrifice that much gaming for realism.

same goes with damage, otherwise in one crash your car would be totaled, thus causing the race to be impossible, and causing the game to be virtually impossible (unless you were an EXCELLENT driver)

beardpapa2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

that video seems to have a different damage system. i can't tell if there's model deformation, but how come the "bestbuy" damage vids seem to be lacking the heavy scratches? It says 2009 TGS on the video description.

What's going on with the damage on the BestBuy demo build? Did PD scrap the idea from 09 TGS? Are there two different damage models going on? Or does the recent damage vids feature a build that only has model deformation and scuff marks on but no damage textures?

absolutecarnage2870d ago

I thought this was suppose to be the most realistic racing game this gen, I'm sorry but when a car like that hits another car going like 200km head on , there should be more than a spin out and some sparks.

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callahan092871d ago

Damn, this game looks amazing! The volumetric smoke and the particle spark effects godly, and then there's the headlight effects in the night-racing parts. The damage is starting to look incredible as well. Interestingly, the damage effects don't seem to appear in the replays. I noticed that in one of his videos, the car got really messed up in the race but no damage at all in the replays. We're still not even seeing a complete build, here! This is going to be incredible when it's finished.

Parapraxis2871d ago

It seems that cars take damage when driving in the RIGHT direction.
It may make sense as it would deter people from doing these backwards laps.

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ndibu2871d ago

The damage is really not impressive

grailly2871d ago

the damage may not be impressive, but read again; it says impressive crashes, and you cannot deny that head to head crashes are not impressive

FordGTGuy2871d ago

are laughable where is all the force going from the impact of the two cars?

They would have to be traveling at the same speed with the same weight and made out of the same materials and hit at just the right angel and spot to recreate a wreck like this realistically but it seems to be the same result in GT5 every time.

I'd expect collision physics like this from a arcade game not a game so hyped up like GT5.

alphakennybody2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

It saddens me to see such great game turned into a derby fest. Seriously, what's up with this obsession with wrecking cars ? there are games specially made for that.

juniordee2871d ago

The video poster himself said the joystick on the controller was broken, so it wasn't worth trying to race clean. It was taken in a Best Buy, and figured he might as well have fun with the damage that everyone is talking about.

alphakennybody2871d ago

then why didn't he use the d-pad? its much more easier.

beardpapa2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

i'm assuming that juniordee pasted is the same video, and from the looks of it, it doesn't appear as though the controller is broken.

@thief : i think there's this mindset in the industry that every ps3 game has to be perfect. they have to set some kind of bar or achieve something that's clearly impossible. And if it doesn't set that bar, then the game gets ripped to shreds. What's disappointing is that other developers don't need to put that much effort to get rave reviews, but if they develop exclusively on the ps3 platform, then they have to make a perfect product.

juniordee2871d ago

Go to for the full explanation.

thief2871d ago

The reason is that the Forza/xbox camp want an excuse to pull down this game, sales, graphics and content-wise GT5 destroys Forza so they are using damage as a way to target GT5 even though its a simulator, not Burnout.

You saw the same thing with Killzone 2: it wont look as good as the trailer, the AI is poor, its generic, the controls are slow, it didn’t sell 10 million....

alphakennybody2871d ago

to plainly put it...*put shades on* damage control

absolutecarnage2870d ago

But i thought that you ps3 people said that this was the most realistic racing sim this gen sorry with out crashes it's not realistic sorry

Close_Second2871d ago

...I can't say that I'm all that impressed with what I saw in that video. I think we have to start dealing with the fact that damage in GT5 is adequate but not impressive.

When compared to the rest of the high standard of visuals in GT damage looks average. I also wish they'd work on the particle effects as it looks so unnatural how smoke disappears like steam.

aaron58292871d ago

many have said GRID has the best damage.. but i dont know about that..

because i try really really hard not to crash to the wall, or crashing into other cars..

no matter what racing games i play.. except for burnout, because that game is DESIGNED to crash !

Close_Second2871d ago

...unless you switch off damage chances are you're sustain it, especially if there is really aggressive AI. Although I dont expect the damage to look like that in a game like Grid I also don't expect the damage to look unnatural or out of place.

It would have the same detrimental effect as if they used low res textures for the track. That is, if everything looks great but one aspect of the visuals then that one thing about the visuals will stand out even more for the wrong reason.

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