Inafune 'already working on multiple projects'

Dead Rising's creator and Resident Evil producer Keiji Inafune has revealed that he is "already working on multiple projects" and that they will be announced "soon".

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TrevorPhillips2936d ago (Edited 2936d ago )

I want Resident evil 6, Dino Crisis and Onimusha!

TheLastGuardian2936d ago

I'm guessing he's going to confirm Resident Evil 6 and maybe Devil May Cry 5 at TGS.

RockmanII72936d ago

Megaman Legends was hinted at during Comic Con, so yea

KratosGirI2936d ago

Megaman Legends 3 Please!

Game-ur2936d ago

Poor guy their working him to the ground since Mikami, Inaba and Kamiya left CapCom.

RedPawn2936d ago

Don't forget Suda 51, personally without those 4 Capcom has lost an extreme amount of talent, that blended a unlimited amount of style.

Lightel0s2936d ago

After be playing megaman 2 since my childhood, i have been expecting a megaman game that can blow our minds, seems inafune lost the track with the blue bomber, the dreamed megaman 3d game will never come

kasasensei2936d ago

PLease! Don't make any "movies" anymore!
The crap you tried to do to promote Dead Rising 2 was an utterly shit.

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