Raven Software Woking On Unannounced Multiplatform FPS, Possibly Singularity 2

SystemLink: "Remember Singularity? Of course you don't! It only came out a month or so ago, yet it was cruelly overlooked by most; a shame, because any title involving, mutants, slo-mo and the USSR is a recipe for awesome. However, hope of a sequel may not be lost, comrade."


Working, not 'Woking'. Sorry =[

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kidnplay3021d ago

Hmm, interesting and intriguing. It'd certainly be good to find out what they're working on.

smilydude133021d ago

Just go ahead and make Jedi Outcast 2?

bobcostus3021d ago

I would be glad if it were Singularity 2. Singularity is an extremely underrated game that deserves more attention.

Quagmire3021d ago

Raven is a heavily underrated games developer, thanks to Activision taking away their thunder and giving it to COD and GH developers, bleh.

They made Wolverine and Wolfenstein, two VERY FUN games. Not graphically or technically amazing, but in terms of gameplay, holy heck its better than quite a few AAA titles.

Syronicus3021d ago

That game was great. It was underrated IMHO. If you like Bioshock, you should give Singularity a try.

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Mildrop3021d ago

Great article, always a pleasure to read

mjolliffe3021d ago

Not sure whether they would bother with a sequel. I'm sure the first would have done so much better if Activision publicised it a little more...

Rampaged Death3021d ago

It was well received with the critics so I have no idea why Raven wouldn't do a second. I agree that Activision should have pushed it more but they just concentrate on COD these days.

Playerz83021d ago

Ya the first was awesome, but it was NEVER marketed or mentioned anywhere. And it's not like they had a ton of competition from Naughty Bear. Did Activision even know that game was coming out?


I didn't get it for two reasons: It's an FPS, which I'm kinda tired of, and it's from Activision.

Call me sheep or whatever, but I'm not supporting that company if I can... that said, some friends have been talking so much about it I'll rent it if I can find it and maybe buy it if it's really good, but I don't expect much from any shooter under Activision's wing, even less from a possible sequel, it's not like Activision demand innovation or good support from their own or partner devs, they are more interested in putting out short and overpriced DLC after 3 months.

Rampaged Death3021d ago

Would love a second Singularity. Just hope we see something new this time.

finbars753021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I think Singularity could of did well if it was backed up properly.The game was so awsome.It was fun to play with a good story good characters and multiple endings.Im hoping that a different publisher will stand behind them not some ass milking company like activision.They should be ashamed of themselves for how many devs they screwed over with such promising games.Im hoping for a sequal.

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