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Why was L.A. Noire delayed?

TVGB: "As announced earlier today, the long-in-development L.A. Noire is now officially a 2011 title. But why?" (L.A. Noire, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

bradlinho  +   1324d ago
Why? Cos it still isn't finished? Cos it's crap? Cos it's crap and isn't finished?
AngryFork  +   1323d ago
This game will be amazing. Perfection takes time.

I'm a huge film noir fan and this game will be my dream game for that genre.
hikayu  +   1323d ago
I smell some kind of gt5 joke in there somewhere . Hmm , perfection ya say ?
rezzah  +   1323d ago
Nothing can acheive perfection but atleast they can make it the best of its genre, or atleast try to. I'm sure GT5 will acheive that goal.
ElementX  +   1323d ago
Well Team Bondi hasn't really released anything I can think of. Brendan McNamara's work hasn't been very special, either.
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Darkfiber  +   1323d ago
How do you know "this game will be amazing"? How do you have any idea whatsoever? Cause Rockstar's name is loosely attached to it?

I hate people who can't judge a game for what it actually is, but only for what name or developer is attached to it. There is nothing showing that this game will be any good. As far as I know, there is not even any gameplay footage whatsoever. From screenshots it looks to be a Mafia ripoff of some kind, and it'll probably just turn out to be that.

God, fanboys annoy the crap out of me. They are so adamant to defend something they have absolutely no clue about. Ignorant morons.
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Hoolock  +   1323d ago
I think its probably because the game has some very unique ideas and mechanics that are taking longer to pin down then say the basics of a shooter. reading the preview gave the impression that they were implementing some pretty deep and original ideas. Either way I cant wait to give it a go
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Playerz8  +   1323d ago
Ya this game will probably be incredibly great. Red Dead showed us that Rockstar can make franchises other than GTA just as perfect as their cash cow GTA does.

Duke Nukem???
jay2  +   1323d ago
Well people will be buying stupid, stinky, repetitive COD and Halo over the next few months, then we’ve got GOOD games such as Vanquish and so on, it’s just not the right time to get a high selling release for the game, I’m sure they’ll be doing some balancing as well.
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ddurand1  +   1323d ago
vanquish LOL. thats a bargain bin title for everyone I know. The demo was fun, but the lack of multiplayer kills it. hrs of gaming vs dollars spent there are many more games coming out that deserve 60$ over vanquish.

And it probably has little to do with halo and COD. You say that like there arent a ton of big titles coming out in 2011. (there are)
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Megaton  +   1323d ago
When's the last time they even released a trailer? You've gotta build it up with press in the months before release. It obviously wasn't coming any time in the near future.
jay2  +   1323d ago
There was a behind closed doors, eyes on event at E3.
ddurand1  +   1323d ago
and unless youre in that 2% of gamers that saw it, thats almost useless.
Acquiescence  +   1323d ago
Because it's too much awesomeness...
than this year could handle.

Seriously, it's gonna be like playing L.A. Confidential; a dream come true!
Shaymin  +   1323d ago
I hope the $50 million they wasted on this game was worth it
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holdmedownma2008  +   1323d ago
I can't wait, hopefully it's same on both platforms. Now does anyone know what engine they're using for this game? Because if it's the same engine they used for GTA IV and RDR, I'm just going to get it for the 360. I love my PS3 like the next person, but I don't trust the stupidity of these third party developers this gen.
ddurand1  +   1323d ago
its going to be an original game, hope it lives up to its promises.
Cajun Chicken  +   1323d ago
Because it's crap.
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RH06  +   1323d ago
Sounds like they pulled a RDR, I hate pushbacks. But RDR was pretty polished! dang Rockstar
Darkfiber  +   1323d ago
Polished? What game were you playing? That game had more bugs than any game in recent memory.
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Gilliand  +   1323d ago
They probably want to continue polishing the game, can't really complain about that unless you like games like Alpha Protocol, good idea, bad execution.
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Tex117  +   1323d ago
I like the concept quite a bit.

Im hoping it is good.

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