PS3 Exclusive first party titles officially dated Europe

Today, the official release dates for upcoming playstation three games has been made official. The game are Lair, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, Eye of Judgement, Folklore and have all been dated for Europe.

Official release dates:

12/09/07 - Warhawk (Incl. Headset Bundle)
19/09/07 - Heavenly Sword
10/10/07 - Folklore
24/10/07 - Lair
24/10/07 - The Eye of Judgement
October - SingStar

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GoLeafsGo3840d ago

Am I the only one that thinks Eye of Judgement is not getting the attention it deserves?

Douche3840d ago

Something more important. Wasn't Warhawk supposed to be a simultaneous release? I only say that because Warhawk is on track for an August 28th release date in the "states". There is something wrong with this. Has anyone realized this?

TriggerHappy3840d ago

But I blame it on the devs though, they need to Market this game even more.

eLiNeS3840d ago

one of these titles should at least be showing up on the first page of amazons Hot New Releases! , The Xbox 360 looks to be stealing all of the PS3's thunder.

nobizlikesnowbiz3840d ago

I'd say that it earned the recognition to be mentioned before the PS3.

segasage3839d ago

not everybody is into card games. even though it looks nice but leave that to the yugi-oh(however it's spelled) crowd. the game is not a potential system seller, so it gets no hype.

that list right there are the only games i hear people talk about on the ps3, really thats it for sony in 2007.

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aiphanes3840d ago

It will get the hype once we get close to release date.

Relientk773840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

I think Eye of Judgement will be better and more popular than most think

its gonna do well

and if it gets popular like pokemon n yugioh.... this could be the next big card game... and everyone will want a ps3 for this game

it could do wonders for the ps3 and sales

this game does seem pretty amazing

Odion3840d ago

ok lets be honest playing Pokemon cost 6 bucks for a pack of cards, playing EOJ takes a 500 dollar system, a 60 dollar game, and I am guessing 60-100 dollars add-on.

If they can get this to be the size of Pokemon right on

Blabbermouth3840d ago

If they made a yugioh version for the PS3. Imagine how big it would get.

Mu5afir3840d ago

You have no clue how much kids invest in these card games. I remember when Pokemon first came out, people would buy these packs for upwards of $20 dollars, and trade the rare ones for as much as $500 dollars or more. Don't underestimate a game simply because kids are playing it.

SmokeyMcBear3840d ago

what the hell is the 19th month.. or the 24th month... hehehe i kid i kid, hopefully these dates are set in stone and no more moving.

weekapaugh3840d ago

the 19th and 24th month of the year are gonna be huuuuge.

jedicurt3839d ago

Lousy Smarch weather!!!!!!

xaphanze3840d ago

I think Eye of judgement will catch the attention of japanese gamers the most.

Mu5afir3840d ago

Eye of Judgment is going to be HUGE in Japan, and in the U.S.

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The story is too old to be commented.