Black Ops' story is 'complex,' but not confusing

A game's story can make or break it. Shooters are so common that it usually takes an above-average story to elevate one into the upper echelon of the genre. For me, that was the main factor that distinguished Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 -- Infinity Ward developed both games, but the plot in the latter game was disjointed and incredulous enough to make me wish I were playing the first game's campaign again instead.

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FarEastOrient3013d ago

But is it going to be longer than 6 hours?

clank5433013d ago

A complex story for call of duty? HA! If I'm going to play a call of duty game, I don't want a complex story honestly. I want to run around and shoot stuff with big explosions all around me!

big_silky3013d ago

MW2 actually had a really cool idea but the story was told piss-poorly and was too disjointed.

PhantomT14123011d ago

MW2's story surely wasn't a great thing but I didn't find CoD 4's even better unlike the author.
And I agree with JD2020, MW2 could have a better story but it lacked of explanation about the backstory (you could find some clues if you searched yourself, like the newspaper cuts in Makarov's house).