G4 Gamescom Preview: Journey

Journey is ThatGameCompany's third game for the PSN, after flOw and Flower. It's a whimsical adventure through a ruined civilization, with one very interesting premise. You'll meet other players taking their own journies along yours. We learned more about how the game plays and the backstory of the world in an extended demonstration at gamescom.

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Tikicobra2670d ago

Agreed. I'm so stoked for this game.

beavis4play2670d ago

journey hits me where i live - i can't wait!!

DigitalAnalog2670d ago

I want this to be a full-retail title and not a downloadable one.

-End statement

Focker-4202670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

I dropped 2 bubbles since this morning?! You gotta be f*cking kidding me?!! Halo Reach gets leaked and the pissed off little [email protected] go on a popping spree!!! I've never popped anyones bubbles, ever. Yet I lose 2 in one day. This system is severely flawed. Every single arrogant little 360 prick I am bubbling down from now on.

OT- can't wait for Journey to take my mind off all these mental midgets

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Malebaria2670d ago

ThatGameCompany= Instant buy. Their games really are awe inspiring.
Thought there'd be more coverage of the game at Gamescom though.

HelghastKid2670d ago

Lmao ThatGameCompany.....thses guys most smoke alot of that stuff before they make a new game lol i mean watch their interviews I always thought they were baked :p

BannedForNineYears2670d ago

You sir, are about to get flamed...Hard. ;P
ThatGameCompany is awesome.

Briefcase Joe2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

He's not trolling. He just thinks they must get high to come up with the games they do, I guess.

HelghastKid2670d ago

Eaxtly Joe, I like them I just think they smoke pot :p damn you guys are acting like i said there games were terrible

NecrumSlavery2670d ago ShowReplies(3)
HelghastKid2670d ago

Lmao i KNOW you guys dont think im a troll Lmao Necrum showing me ODST scores like i care :p jeez you guys need to learn how to take a joke, its not like I hate them im just saying these guys look stoned all the time lmao

BannedForNineYears2670d ago

Calling someone a pothead or implying that they inhale any hallucinogenic substance in anyway is not the greatest thing to joke about.
Especially when it involves great developers. V_v

ActionBastard2670d ago

And another game I'll be buying on PS3. This is starting to get a little ridiculous.

rezzah2670d ago

lol then if it bothers you simply dont buy it =p. They say this may be like ICo in some way, so its a buy for me.

NecrumSlavery2670d ago

He's just saying Sony's never ending line of AAA exclusives is overwhelming. It's one awesome game after another,.

Lipscomba2670d ago

Yes, and this is "rediculousness" I Like being a part of!:)

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