What Should Be The Future Of Digital Distribution?

One of the founders of the Pirate Bay(Peter Sunde) gives a lecture at a Mexico campus discussing the business models of media industry and file sharing. Though he primarily talks about the music industry, His insights are relevant to all types of digital media including the games industry.

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Aikuchi2670d ago

I ran across this and thought it was interesting. Thought I would share it. Tell me what you guys think?

fatstarr2670d ago

Why is it 55 mins and 23 seconds.
Watching it I will comment later or attempt to

Aikuchi2670d ago

Its that long because its a collage lecture.

Letros2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

I watched it, some pretty funny stories about the PB history, I'd be interested to hear more about his new founded company.

TheLastGuardian2669d ago

should die. physical copies 4 lyfe.

Motion2669d ago

I think digital distribution should distribute things digitally in the future. Seriously, what kind of question is that?