EA Line Up Game Convention 07 revealed

EA just published his line up for Games Convention 2007 in Leipzig. Lot of games being shown on every consoles, but no real surprises... No news about Crysis coming on PS3 or Xbox 360 neither...

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sanjisan3847d ago

This is a amazing line-up we have there :) so many games great !

MK_Red3847d ago

WTH, where is Burnout Paradise?

djt233846d ago

nice i am like the list and yea where is Burnout Paradise?

ALIEN3846d ago

is doing it real big.

Infernus3846d ago

Only ones I wanna see from that list are HL2:Orange Box, Skate and MoH:Airborne. Looking forward to seeing the new PSN games and more of Haze too...

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