Bonus Round - Analyze This, Part 2: X360 price cut, PS3 sales and more

Michael Pachter and Billy Pidgeon give us their analysis for the big three and what they need to do to end the final quarter on a high note.

- What impact of X360 price cut will have on Microsoft?
- Will Sony have a problem selling PS3 in this holiday season?
- Why is there so much demand for Nintendo's products?

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hotshot12374025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

owned an xbox and are MOSTLY still from the xbox crowd. (most not all)
i wonder how much farther 360 will get then xbox.

im guessing alittle farther considering it has more games now. but by the time people really start to pick up the next gen consoles. ps3 price will be down so i wonder what will happen then. what do you guys think?

edit: heroman thats true. but sony has the best devs in the world. and ps3 is selling better then 360 with no games........YET and a higher price point. so eventually games will come so what are people gonna say then. at the same price point i honestly think it would be pretty much a rap for the 360

nasim4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

x360 sales have plummetted all over the world

BTW x360 have dropped out of the top 10 at amazon.

ps3 is at no 5 and x360 at no 14.

PS3 is outselling x360 all around thw wrold including NA
x360 could nt even hold on for 2 days in the top spot

in JAPAN ps3 beats x360 10:1

in EU 3:1 and in NA by 10--15k units per week

heroman7114025d ago

what you really have to consider is that when ps3 and and 360 are the same price it will all come down to games

achira4025d ago

when they are the same price, the ps3 will destroy the xbox360. it outsells it although it costs 100$ more.

power of Green 4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

What i think is the 360 will be in mass market range before PS3 figures out what hit it.

All that crap you post has nothing to do with the MS's/ 360's radiclly different stradigy.

I also think companies buying 360's straight from MS to sell the Home entertainment system(360) as Set-top boxes
in Europe etc will Hurt PS3 bad.

TheMART4025d ago

" 1 - 360 is only selling at the pace of the xbox. im assuming that since most people that liked halo
owned an xbox and are MOSTLY still from the xbox crowd. (most not all)
i wonder how much farther 360 will get then xbox. "

You forgot a few very important factors.

The original XBOX 1 sold @ 199 Euro/dollar after 6 months already. It started at what, 299 or so?

The 360 is selling @ 399 Euro/dollar. Double the price. And it sells about on par, or bit over par. As they say. That's huge in volume/price! Imagine what it does after the pricedrop now and the future pricedrops.

360 owners aren't mostly from XBOX crowd. I know many 360 owners, many former PS2 owners that didn't want to wait for the PS3 or don't want to pay that much with less gaming experience then the 360.

I bet many of that XBOX 1 crowd/Halo fanatics could be waiting untill Halo 3 launches, especially with a Halo 3 special 360 edition.

I foresee a massive rise in 360 sales with the AAA Bioshock this month, the former XBOX 1/Halo fanatics that are waiting for Halo 3 and/or special Halo 3 edition 360, plus Christmas with all those titles of the coming months.

@ Achira

"when they are the same price, the ps3 will destroy the xbox360. it outsells it although it costs 100$ more."

Yeah. That's why the 360 sold double the PS3 numbers in april/may/june and sold more the whole first half year of 2007. Only July 2007 was good on sales for the PS3. And now we go back to the normal business. The 360 on top:

Premium 360 for 349 dollar/euro
PS3 last pricedrop models 499 Dollar/599 EUro (superpackage)
And after they sold out, back to 600 dollar again.

Pricedifference now: 150 dollar and 250 Euro. PS3 back to 600 dollar... Well you figure that out.

Plus, the 360 will always stay ahead in the lower pricing compared to the PS3

Anego Montoya FTMFW4025d ago

back to normal business.

well NORMAL business is SONY being the household name for gaming.

so i agree, its going back to normal business, July was the beginning.

thanks for clearing that up.

Gil4025d ago

Dear God, what is wrong with you? First you misspell your screen name Anego Monotya, a clear rip off of the character "Inigo Montoya" from "The Princess Bride". Now you misspell it again. You are funny.

Gil4025d ago

Sticking up for your boyfriend? AAAWWWW, that's sweet.

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Marty83704025d ago

PS3 is out selling 360 everwhere including US,Europe,UK & Japan. 360 reliabilty problems isn't helping sales. Expect 360 sales to get worse before they get better.

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