GamesCom 2010: Killzone 3 Multiplayer Interview (video)

Steven Ter Heide of Guerrilla takes us through the new multiplayer offerings in Killzone 3

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blackpanther253038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

OMG it is done....they actually listened to what people had to say about killzone 2.

DAMN MuthaFing DAY 1 BUY

1. They fix controls
2. Implemented party system
3. added a co-op objective based multiplayer
4. Added more ranks, more skills per class, customization, reward points, and can choose any class from the beginning(i think they looked at MAG)
5. Can carry more than one major weapon

I was super excited about halo reach but now im leaning towards killzone
now i wanna hear
1. 4-player slit screen vs
2. 2 player slit screen multiplayer (if possible) with multiple account sign-in
3. and record and upload videos instead of that dot rubbish in killzone 2

ShabbaRanks3038d ago


... I love what he said in the video im gonna take the saboteur class right from the start :D ... I just hope move players wont have too much of an advantage...

OhReginald3038d ago


East_Coast3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

*peeks head into room*

oh yuck! OhReginald is touching and rolling around in all the jizz! XD

(I'm all jizzed out from yesterday so I'll let you all do the jizzing for us)

Man I hope they included theater mode w/ upload capabilities....please oh please oh please.

ChineseDemocracy3038d ago

Guerilla Games = Great Developers

In my opinion, they're amongst the ranks of Naughty Dog, Bungie, Sucker Punch, etc. They actually take in feedback and implement it!

nickjkl3038d ago

you can hold more than two weapons

so now people can have


East_Coast3038d ago

I don't think that's what they meant but if you can FFFF YEAH! ;) No I think the gaming industry learned a good lesson from IW MW2 fiasco.

-Alpha3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Party system should have been in K2, it was a sore mistake that they overlooked it because for a game that is made or broken on teamwork it becomes very frustrating playing with strangers. Especially tactitian noobs.

I am glad they are adding co-op. Don't expect split-screen. Leave that to Resistance and Halo.

OMG they confirmed Theater mode??

I HOPE they take it a step further: allow Youtube uploading + ability to edit video and add voice over via the new video editor we got on the XMB.

All I want now is to hear about the SP. I really hope they add more customization. I'm talking map restrictions like in Warhawk, etc.

Btw... did they really confirm a party mode? What's this I hear about "easier friend finding"? That doesn't say Party support, that says something a little different. I can't watch the video right now but can anyone tell me what it means?

They need to also look at fixing a couple of other gameplay issues like spreading around objectives better.

I want the beta now

blackpanther253038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

not having a party system was very bad.......and they didn't realize until after the game was released and they tried to find ways to fix it but it didn't work. I personally think they had a lot of help from naughty dog and Zipper, cause it looks like they took a lot of the multilayer aspects from those games (uncharted 2 and MAG) and incorporated what people liked into killzone 3

EDIT: they need to do something about the heavy assault cause the rockets were broken in killzone 2 and those ammo stations allowed people to spam grenades and rockets all day

EDIT: well said they added a party system to killzone 3 and you can play with friends and join games together but he didn't give anymore detail

@Philaroni: unfortunately i think they were very ignorant of what fans wanted. If you noticed every exclusive sony game afterwards had an excellent party system

-Alpha3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I am not the biggest MAG player but MAG really did organized chaos in a way Killzone 2 and Resistance never could.

I had always had problems with K2. The game was great but had a lot of issues and things that needed to be taken one step further. Now with K3 GG is taking it three steps ahead of what they could have given us in K2 and I am very eager to try the beta.

I may get PSN+ just for this now.

Edit: I hated the assault class too. No one ever allows it rooms these days anyway.

I like what they did with the medic class but reviving people is still pointless. They need to add a ticket system like in BC2 for some modes. Medic is only ever useful in Assassination and people had zero incentive to revive any other time.


I definitely agree. They fucked up on the party system. It wouldn't be so bad if the game didn't actually rely on teamwork. I mean, it's ironic: a game like MW2 has some of the easiest party support I've seen yet both BC2 and K2 either had limited or no support at all, and those games prided themselves on teamwork.

And that's the other thing: I too would like a standard of play. Let's see what happens

Philaroni3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

The biggest problem is that anyone could make a Ranked game with random settings, there was zero standard of playing which pissed me off. Its fine to do that with your friends but not in Ranked, Ranked games should be a standard across the bored. Also I hope they have matchmaking and a rank for each playlist. I like to have stuff to work for.

On the party system. GG just flat out fucked up. No excuse for that one. Also the poor balancing of classes (aka the Assault) was very annoying and was so obvious yet they never fixed it. KZ has great gameplay they just need to work on there online framework.

@Alpha, Party systems have more or less been around for a long time and are a standard in any FPS, for them not to do one in KZ2 was ether very stupid or they where just flat out ignorant of what gamers want.

Edit: It is not a matter of 'like to see' its the fact that its what you have to do, KZ3 could be huge if they just more or less followed the Halo formula. Every FPS since Halo 2 has taken from it. Even down to how the game lobby is set up. The fact they ignored that is kind of insulting to me as a game designer. Resistance has a boat load of problems that keep it from being a major player in the online space as well.

I have little faith in GG atm after KZ2 mostly due to all the poor design choices. KZ3 is adding many new variables that need to be balanced and they could not do it with just a few in Kz2. And a ticket system would be GREAT! That would fix alot of the tossing a spawn point in the middle of the base and stuff. And makes Medics much more
important. That and they need a very good and deep rank system. COD has proven that people want to get stuff when they play a game. Sounds like they plan to do that but the way KZ2 did it was not very good.

All this stuff is a very easy thing to fix and so far they fixed most of it. I highly doubt we will see a Matchmaking system which is very disappointing but oh well. Server systems like that are unfair. You get guys that have a full team that just sit there ranking up off scrub players that just leave the game over and over. Matchmaking lets you pair up teams with teams and keeps things random for the most part. There is a reason why 90% or more shooters use such a system.

samoon3038d ago

What part in the vid did they confirm Theatre Mode?

If it's coming, SWEET!!!!

Philaroni3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )


Kind of, what bothers me is games like COD and MOH have invites though the XMB and what not but not even Unchated 2 supported that let alone the youtube feature (Which is lame being it had the video recording) and in game music. Sonys own studios hardly support the features the PS3 are able to do, Some should be forced like MS does. Though oddly Bungie is the one that started the video recording thing and they where thanked in the U2 credits and now Black ops has it as well and Bungie is working for Activision. I have a feeling that tech is going to show up in alot more of Sony's games. The Video editor almost makes it to obvious.

Not sure Samoon, I been looking for that as well. I'd think they do one being its such a sick feature. If Halo U2 and GT5 and Black ops can do it then KZ3 sure as hell can and should.

Philaroni3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

On a side note, Sony has Socom 4, R3, U3, KZ3 and Starhawk. All big online games. I hope one of them catches on and becomes kind of the PS3s Halo so to speak. I really does not have that big online game that the PS3 is known for. Its all mostly single player games.

I'd also say The Agency the new MMO I have very high hopes for that game but with that said it is an MMO and they have yet to really break though on any system. MAG is the closest to a shooter MMO we have atm.

Double Side note: R2 has a very good party system and had both server and matchmaking support. I loved how they had it set up for the most part just was lacking in other aspects.

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-Ikon-3038d ago

Saboteur 4 life..

If I can put a scope on the Sabs SMG, And still have a secondary weapon as a sniper rifle = you all are done for....

raztad3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I'm taking your "fix controls"=made them more twitchy, because I was pretty happy with the controls the way they were. I feel the faster control response is related more to MOVE implementation than to "fix" anything from KZ2.

Whatever. KZ3 is looking amazing in every front. Cant wait to have my moment of glory and kick some assez using a mecha suit. Lots of variety so far and yet we dont know what kind of objectives we shall be tasked to do.

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Philaroni3038d ago

I think it will be, I have very high hopes for KZ3 even more so on the single player side. For the most part every new piece of info we get keeps impressing me and what not.

frankymv3038d ago

<<screams uncontrollably>>

East_Coast3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

I think you meant yell right? Only women scream. :P

TotalPS3Fanboy3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

<<ROARS ferociously>>

Fatal Blow3038d ago

I so want to be in the beta

blackpanther253038d ago

i would pay for my brothers' accounts if that happens

RedGr3mlin3038d ago

be fu** siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

*New spawn system
*Medic droids
*Sniper from the start
*Look up weapons
*Better clan support
*New friend finder
*Easy to join friends
*New lvl system
*lvl 50cap
*Vihecles <-speling

( Any one know WHAT vihecles there will be in game except the walkers? )

Note: If any serious clan is signing up for new players add me upp on psn: red_eyes_gremlin

Day 1 by!

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