BBC: Killzone 2's Realism - New Exclusive Gameplay

BBC News: Guerrilla developers Steven Ter Heide and Hermen Hulst discuss the PS3 game's attention to detail in this video.

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Violater3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Approve it

tehcellownu3848d ago

Killzone 2 is goin to be selling lots of PS3s out there when it release..I can only see it gettin better .the final version is goin to blow people minds away..

Bill Gates3847d ago

Ah yes,...And then there was Killzone 2. The game that XBOTS DREAM of.....AAHHAHHAHHHAHAA

gaffyh3847d ago

Here is the direct video. Looks good

Antan3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Awesome lightning strikes!!

EDIT-: The phantom disagreer strikes again! ooohhhhhh........

jtmill073848d ago

Awesome Game all around. That looked Sweet. From just looking at the video's IMO the game play is looking very nice too.

candystop3848d ago

The phantom disagreer I like that lol! Yeah the lightning did look great and the physics are coming together well! This looks to be the game that just might make me join the Sony camp and enjoy the best of both worlds! 2008 is going to be the year both platforms take us for some really amazing rides!

popup3848d ago

Just end all of your posts...

"Those who are jealous, hit disagree"

sjappie3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

they were blown away by Killzone after seeing this footage.

He, screw you guys, just because I express my doubts about KZ, doesn't mean I should shut up, f*ck of, or get an ignore.
I can honestly say that I think that Heavenly Sword looks very impressive, I just think KZ's graphics are made out to be the greatest ever, while they're not IMO. And I'm entitled to my opinion without having to back it up with something tangible, Violator, just like you have nothing tangible to back up your opinion about KZ.

What vulgar attacks are you talkin about Violater?

Violater3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Is there a point your trying to make?
Come plain and make it, also make sure you back it up with something tangible.

Edit: My comment was not meant as an attack, but if you make statements like that it would be more contributing if you said "why".
Becoming defensive and resorting to vulgar attacks only makes your opinion seem less credible as constructive criticism and more like a weak troll attempt.

Good day sir.

I said Good day!

Azures3848d ago

I can, and to deny the footage of this game up to this point is to show your radical bias. My love for Sony is well known, but I have no trouble admitting to the graphical level of Gears for instance.

TheExecutive3848d ago

I dpoubt anyone can honestly say that a game for any system has looked this good six months from release. Go troll somewhere else. You just earned yourself an ignore from me. Do me the same honors. I hope one day everyone on this site learns how to use the ignore button so you fanboys can hold conversations with yourself.

nurayi3848d ago

"He, screw you guys, just because I express my doubts about KZ, doesn't mean I should shut up, f*ck of, or get an ignore.

What vulgar attacks are you talkin about Violater?"

well I think violator was talking about the "screw you guy...f*ck of, or get an ignore."

Violators comment was just taking note of how your inflammatory statement had to substance despite your criticism. you bring nothing to debate and your only intention is to stir things up. thats all he was saying.

sjappie3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

since I was responding to their "vulgarities", if he thinks he has the moral high ground. I wasn't the one who started with personal attacks or faul language, I was critical of KZ, something you girls clearly can't handle.

Omegasyde3847d ago

Keep that in mind. The only way they can make it better is having the option to blow out light sources.

i.e. I shoot a street light out, the streets goes dark.

I remember Socom 1 for Ps2 had that, and I thought it was an awesome little detail that made the game for me.

mattkelly19913847d ago

Darkness and even R:FOM has this, Im positive that this game will.

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THC CELL3848d ago

cant wait to play this

I will pass my time playing HAze and Trotting aroung the Ps3 Home.
well in the coming weeks

Time flys when ya having Fun.

techie3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Cool. Nothing personal TnS.

ps. vio found it.