(PS3 Xclusive) Record of Agarest War Update - New screens and info

The upcoming PS3 exclusive game, Record of Agarest War site has been updated with new pictures. Not much is known about the title as of now except that, In the game, there is the 'soul breed' system in which you must capture the heart of one of the heroines in order to create your successor.

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tplarkin73909d ago

By "Xclusive", he means it will eventually come to "X"box 360.

TriggerHappy3909d ago

Was that a Joke or you are been serious ?

Hard to tell when someone is been sarcastic now adays because of wrongly it done.

tplarkin73909d ago

You can never tell the tone of text, so sarcasm usually never works in writing. I was serious in that many PS3 "exclusives" have ended up on the 360. He spelled it with an "X", so I thought that he may have been hinting it would come to the 360.

ParaDise_LosT3909d ago

What happened to Record of Lodoss War? xD

Marona3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

Everything is misspelled... It's just called Agarest Senki.

Anyhows, have this on my day 1 launch buy. Looking foward to it!

Edit: These screens are old.. >>;

Moac3909d ago

Any info if this game will be out in NTSC-US/PAL, dont need the voice just the text in English. =).

Marona3909d ago

No information about that yet, I'm still going for it next month. Those years of studying was worth it... :x

Loopy3909d ago

A Hentai game for PS3 :))))))))))))))))

Marona3909d ago

LOL! XD Still no information if this game even has those scenes.

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