Domain Names May Offer Plot Hints For Arkham Sequel

A series of domain names linked to Warner Bros have been uncovered by superannuation, and appear to hint at plot points in the as-yet-unnamed sequel to the thoroughly excellent Batman: Arkham Asylum.

In particular, the domain name "" indicates that schizophrenic warden Quincy Sharp (who escaped at the end of the first game) could be returning in a political role.

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Kingdom Come3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

What Dark Knight did for the Super-Hero Film Genre, add more depth story-wise, and absolutely raise the bar of expectations to a huge extent. This game will be fantastic, I have absolutely no doubt. I'm hoping for a dark, gritty, political, tense and utterly gripping storyline on top of some awesome new gameplay mechanics, I'm also hoping for a more brutal Batman, perhaps just more blood would be enough for this. P.S. I was hoping the Sequel would be set in Gotham so this is perfect, and after hearing rumours of Two-Face, Mr Freeze and Batmans former love interest Talia Al Ghul, it looks like the story will much more diverse with more emotions, political affairs and more... Bring it on!

By the Way, am I the only one hoping for a really action packed Bat Mobile Level to open the game as the enemies arrive in Gotham? Perhaps before it could be destroyed, giving the impression Batman has no escape... Almost like a No Man's Land situation.