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Does Batman Need a Robin?

708d ago - Is the idea of having a sidekick still important? If you were Batman, would you have a Robin?... | PC

Brashcast: Episode 13 – It’s Batman, not Batboy….and that’s a scientific fact

841d ago - Brash Games writes "Liam and Ross like their Batmen manly, their slim consoles, well, not shit an... | Wii

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City of Terror – How Rocksteady Can Deliver in the Eventual Sequel to Batman: Arkham City

881d ago - David Rodriguez writes, "Last year’s Batman: Arkham City further demonstrated that video games ba... | PC

How spoilers, bugs, and online play influence our buying decisions

945d ago - Choosing when to buy a new video game is a delicate balancing act. Story spoilers, fluctuating pr... | Industry

Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn’s Revenge Review

973d ago - Arkham City had some very debatable downloadable content practices. First, something that I will... | PS3

Gamers@PLay Arkham City DLC Harley Quinn’s Revenge Review *Contains Spoilers*

973d ago - OK fine I(Jordan Moseley) will do a review of this, if I have to, but you all owe me, I want some... | PC

Where’s The Fun In That?

976d ago - GamingLives' Joe questions not only the moral aspect, but the futility of purchasing DLC which gr... | PC

Top 5 Batman Games of All-Time

979d ago - " The day is finally here. After years of rumors and speculation, months of teasers and traile... | GameCube

Skyrim: Dawnguard and Harley Quinn's Revenge | Good Game Review

982d ago - GG writes: Skyrim and Batman Arkham City, two of our favourite games from last year have had thei... | PC

Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinns Revenge Review (GameXplain)

986d ago - GameXplain: "When we heard that Harley Quinn’s Revenge was on its way and that it would feature t... | PC

Batman Arkham City: Harley Quinn's Revenge Review (Invision Game Community)

1011d ago - Harley Quinn's Revenge is the solitary story based DLC for Rocksteady's incredibly successful Ark... | PC

Harley Quinn’s Revenge (Batman: Arkham City DLC Review) [NoSleepGamer]

1014d ago - NoSleepGamer writes: Far too short is the lasting impression I had when the end credits burst ont... | PC

FromTheDPad Reviews Harley Quinn's Revenge

1014d ago - Holy payback time Batman! Barrie has a date with the frightening Harley Quinn for his review of t... | Xbox 360

Reflecting on Harley's Lackluster Revenge

1017d ago - Arkham City's newest DLC expansion is centered around one of the most recognizable secondary char... | PC

Signed In #95: E3 / Inversion / Dragon's Dogma

1018d ago - A brief E3 wrapup kicks off the start of the show followed by a look at a few Indie Games includi... | Xbox 360

PS Uni - Top 5 New Batman Villains I Want in Batman: Arkham 3

1019d ago - Malcolm Spinedi says: "Let’s take a look at the deep pool of Batman’s rogues gallery and see who... | PS3

Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC Review | Go! Gaming Giant

1020d ago - "When Arkham City came out, I was instantly amazed. The game managed to captur... | Xbox 360

Harley Quinn DLC disappears from Games for Windows Live store

1021d ago - Batman Arkham City expansion Harley Quinn's Revenge is no longer downloadable from the Games for... | PC

ZTGD | Harley Quinn's Revenge Review

1022d ago - Ken McKown writes: Arkham City was easily one of the best games released last year. Rocksteady ha... | Xbox 360

Podcast 95- E3′s Revenge «

1022d ago - This week on the ParaNerds Podcast: The paranerds speak about Minecraft, Final Fantasy VII: Crisi... | PSP

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Batman: Arkham City – Harley Quinn’s Revenge Review | Game Insider

1022d ago - Game Insider: "The DLC’s biggest issue is its existence. Rocksteady, in providing another taste o... | PC

Batman Arkham City : Harley Quinn’s Revenge – Walkthrough Guide

1023d ago - Welcome to the Batman Arkham City : Harley Quinn’s Revenge – Walkthrough Guide. In this guide you... | PC

Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn's Revenge Review - Chet & Jon

1023d ago - A review of the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC for Batman: Arkham City. The Finite Playlist = 20 game... | PC

Revisiting Arkham City with Harley's Revenge - TheSixthAxis

1023d ago - "Arkham City was a brilliant, expansive and, perhaps most importantly, free roaming adventure fil... | PC

Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn's Revenge Review- Shiny Buttons

1023d ago - Shiny Buttons takes a look at the newest add on for Batman: Arkham City, and lets you know if it'... | PC
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