Microsoft Can't Count

Kombo: In the grand scheme of gaming, getting an even thousand achievement points for completing a game isn't the be all end all of a game. It is a nice feeling, yet I am not the least disturbed should I not achieve it. The one thing that does annoy me is when a game has been allocated uneven achievement points. Mock me for having a compulsive obsessive disorder when it comes to achievement points, but I can't stand it when a game falls short or just over.

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Retail games should all be 1000G
DLC and Arcade games should vary depending on content size and price.

Joule3080d ago

Don't they always over count how many 360's they sold?

r1sh123080d ago

this article is a little stupid.
THe main rule that MS have, is all full games must have a 100 gamerscore.
Its up to the developers to decide how many points each achievement is.
Fifa 10 has a few 2 gamerscore achievements.

STICKzophrenic3080d ago

You know what bugs me?

Achievements that aren't an increment of five or ten or whatever.

I never bought Dishwasher Dead Samurai because it has some messed up achievement values that end in 2 or 3 or some such nonsense.

despair3080d ago

didn't HL2 on orange box have a 2 point achievement for getting the basketball in the hoop?

STICKzophrenic3080d ago

I never played it, but if it does then it would annoy me lol.

I started playing GRAW campaign the other day and was looking through the achievements to see if there were any I could get and I noticed the MP achievements were in retarded increments. I'm glad I never took the game online lol.

Bnet3433080d ago

Forza 2 had a couple of achievements that were odd or ended in an odd number that was not 5. I actually worked my ass off trying to get my gamerscore to a nice looking number ending in 0 or 5. Just looks better.

Raypture3080d ago

even with a calculator you can screw your math up if you're stupid

jack who3080d ago

so your crying cuzz sum games have more then 1000 or less then it....why? why do you care? STFU!

DelbertGrady3080d ago

I like how they raise the achievement limit for games with big expansions. ives you even more incentive to go back to them.

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