Two-headed calf is born - brings up imagery of Fallout 3's Brahmin

A bizarre natural occurence is being reported out of Egypt as a two-headed calf is born. It's a interesting piece of news that relates itself to the two-headed cows found in the nuclear wastelands of Fallout 3.

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IrieMars2751d ago

I wonder what a two headed calf burger would taste like?

ClownBelt2751d ago

Double the flavor biatch!

pixelsword2751d ago

probably the same, but imagine all of the mooing when it gets killed.

HolyOrangeCows2751d ago

MS: "The Xbox 360 version of Egypt with not be released in India due to Cultural insecurities...erm, *sensitivities"

kghapa2751d ago

I wonder how long that thing will get to live.

Forbidden_Darkness2751d ago

This isn't the first cow to ever have two head, hell theres one in our museum.

ThatArtGuy2751d ago

Too close to the nuclear power plant?

Raptura2751d ago

I LOVE CHICKEN. But damn, all-beef burgers are good.

john master lee2751d ago

I always found those ads to be really disturbing. It's a cow begging for its life, and it's so desperate, it's willing to sacrifice a comrade. At least that's what I see.

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