Top EA Exec: PS3 is “On Fire”

Ever since Sony relaunched the PS3 last year around the release of the slimmed down 120GB PS3, the momentum behind the PS3 has been unstoppable. So much so, Sony has been having trouble keeping their big black behemoth on retailer shelves. Major game publishers such as EA are taking notice.

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Paradise2943d ago

At least it's not literally on fire

ah jokes

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pixelsword2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Funny, they didn't say that when Microsoft was paying for theirs.

Blaze9292943d ago

Microsoft paid for exclusive content from EA? Hmm, never noticed. Please, list some of the games from EA they bought exclusive/timed exlcusive DLC from.

kratos1232943d ago

ill give you something better then DLC
-Mass effect 2(im not gonna count 1 because M$ published that one)
-left fore dead 1 and 2
i think this list says enough
unless you disagree with my

Red-Dead-Roar2943d ago

they did get that tiger woods 2010 fire hydrant didn't they...?

AridSpider2943d ago

Uhhh...he clearly asked for DLC. If pixel gets 39 agrees then obviously there must be some content MS paid for and I'm waiting to see the list of content as well.

On top of that, Left for Dead 1 and 2 are Valve games idiot - EA just distributes them for Valve; EA Partners.

Mass Effect 2? EA handles that IP now - them keeping it on 360 is completely their choice.

And you can only do 2 series and you call that a list? Yet you are the one with 3 bubbles vs Blaze's 1 and you get all the agrees? Oh lord this site must be filled with 10 yr olds.

pixelsword2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

I'm sorry; I didn't think anyone wanted proof. I don't like to go on these things (computers) unless I'm doing something that has me here. Other than that, I'm off, and even outside sometimes (remember the outside, netizens?)

At any rate, here's two counting as "theirs" in it not being singular:

1. I don't consider Mass Effect as DLC, but the DLC from Mass Effect is exclusive DLC...

2. The Ferrari Racing Pack was exclusive to the 360 on Need for Speed: Shift...

You want more? Hunt for it yourself; I really don't care to underscore an already correct statement.

Now, quit brooding on the servers and go outside! There's a whole world out there waiting for you!

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rekof2943d ago

ahahaha !! bro kudos to you !

This one made my day,..

Trexman892943d ago

This transcipt is actually from the 911 call. Most of it contains John Schappert crying and throwing bits of rolled up tissue at the inferno in his office. :p

Shadow Flare2943d ago


I think the ps3 is on fire too. In a symbolic sense of course

Sev2943d ago

Holy arm hair batman!

dkblackhawk502943d ago

lol, living in the cave will do that to you :P

sikbeta2942d ago

Bwahahahahahaha.... That Totally Made My Day.... lol .....

SOAD2942d ago

That looks like the Grinch's hand.

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall2943d ago ShowReplies(6)
Mizz_mai2943d ago

i'm literally in tear's laughing.....thanx

JoySticksFTW2942d ago

"EA is one of the largest producers of games, period. EA has recently pledged additional support to the PS3 by offering exclusive content on the PS3 version of Medal of Honor and Dead Space 2, and according to Schappert, we have Blu-Ray to thank for the extra content:

“We were able to make use of the Blu-ray disc with the larger storage space and add additional content on the disc without sacrificing anything from the core game.”"

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mrv3212943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

They're playing with theirs wrong... mine just play games, movies, browses the interweb and plays games... never has it been on fire.

Sev2943d ago

I am not usually one to correct grammar but it's "They're playing with theirs wrong."

There means "in or at that place".

So what you wrote says:

In or at that place is playing with in or at that place's wrong.

Aphe2943d ago

mrv321 is a complete fanboi, sometimes his circuits break and he needs a rest. Today is one of those days.

mrv3212943d ago

I was speaking about the console itself being on fire, I'm sure the sales are doing just fine, I don't care because it won't stop me playing (which at the moment is borderlands) seriously why so serious? Can't people just chill.

Hyrius2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

I couldn't agree more.

The 360 is on fire too, but literally ! ;)

Ron_Burgundy2943d ago

its always better to play a 360 outside and not in the house :P

Dude Dutch2943d ago

Ron where have you been? Really missed your funny comments.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Wow, not only it have the worst technical Failure in the history of videoconsoles (RROD), also started a fire in a House?


krouse932942d ago

Not to put a damper on the hot comment but that was an original xbox either way...

skip2mylou2942d ago

@gold not to put a damper but the reporter says xbox 360

JAMurida2943d ago

PS3, IMO, is just melting now. It's been on fire for quite a long time now.

nickjkl2943d ago

ps3 doesnt melt it just vents the heat out the back

you know sort of like a jet

EXID2943d ago

360 has good sales numbers now, but ps3 will be fine with the torrent of awesome games coming out in the next 2 years. ms will have a hard time keeping up after the hype for the slim and kinect goes down.

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