Killzone 3 Concepts Shown

KillzoneUnit: I’m not too certain what this event was but Guerrilla Games is shown in the following video footage showing off some Killzone 3 concept art. What we know about Killzone 3 so far is that the Helghasts have been splintered into two different factions vying for power. It looks like one of the leaders is a little reminiscent of a certain historical figure

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espiritu6042913d ago

that soldier on the middle has a knife attached to his hand!
you know what that means....

-Mezzo-2913d ago

Game looks even better whenever i see.

Inside_out2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

It does look alot like KZ 2. You can see what the guy from Bodycount was talking about in that clip. It seems like you can't see around you or your environment, only a narrow window in front of you.

BTW...why do they show the same clip with the same guy playing every time. That's the exact same clip from BEFORE E3. That guy does not know how to play. He was getting lit up at every encounter. Run it LIVE with someone who knows how to play.

I wished they showed some of the jungle or space levels. Game is releasing in Feb/march. I expect they will release another trailer at GDC.

Here's the vid from BEFORE E3. Same guy, same clip. They need a different guy to play through the demo...maybe Herman himself.

ElitaStorm2913d ago

they have but they dont wanna spoiler it ;)

PCnPS3Gamer2913d ago

that killzone 3 looking similar to killzone 2 is an insult or something to bitch about.....this game already looks alittle better graphics but the main thing that i notice about killzone 3 is its way more in your face and epic. way more destruction and explosions, a lot more going on at once, seems like it is going to be overwhelming in a good epic way at time better cover. imo killzxone 2 looked amazing but the content was underwhelming aka story, slow gameplay, repetitiveness in killing enemy's. it was always hey go kill that horde of helghast then move forward. not really any surprises or variance's in foes.

killzone 3 will be amazing. the difference will be uncharted 1 to uncharted 2. killzone 2 set the visuals and physics in stone now killzone 3 will bring improved gameplay, revamped story, plot twists,hopefully coop campaign mode or atleast something like spec ops, longer story, improved online. and so on. its gunna be greatttttt....

ElitaStorm2913d ago

that is because they are xbox fanboys, no seriously they complete the grafik engine with killzone 2 and no its payback time XD

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