U.K.'s Vaz Wants Larger Rating Labels on Games

Speaking in the House of Commons on Thursday, British Parliamentarian Keith Vaz, a frequent critic of violent video games, called for larger ratings on video game packaging.

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MK_Red3884d ago

Now thats dumb. How about using the whole game cover for rating and then add a little tiny box to lower corner, showing game art?

The rating icons on boths sides of the game box are already big enough. If parents cares about type of games their children play, they already know about ratings and pay attention to present ones and if some parents dont care or dont know about the rating system, this new method of rating label enlargment wont get their attention either.

As always, its just another dumb politician trying to bash the games and get attention.

Dr Pepper3884d ago

The labels are large enough. What about movie rating labels? Now those are small.

PlayStation3603884d ago

what they gonna do next? Cover the entire game case in a brown plastic covering? I do agree kids should not play games they should not play. And in fact, I would kinda prefer they make the rating bigger. But only if the overly sized rating is part of the protective plastic wrapping covering the game case, and not on the actual case. Now that I will gladly accept without a fuss. I don't want a huge M covering half of the picture on my game case.

tonsoffun3884d ago

While i can see everyone's point here, IMO, it may be good thing - most parents buy their kids any video game they want, without even looking at the cover (this is purely what I have seen in all the various game stores I have been to recently) so if the ratings is a little larger, then perhaps then there is more chance for said parent to see it.

I agree that is is just plain ididotic for the label to overwhelm everything on the cover, but an increase in size would be adventageous IMO.

gogators3884d ago

comment when they wanted to make the warning label on tobacco bigger.

You could make the warning label cover the case and won't change who can and will buy games.