Official Xbox Magazine Digital To Vault Onto Xbox Live

GameSetWatch just got delivered the September 2007 issue of Future's Official Xbox Magazine, and sure, there's a Beautiful Katamari demo on the cover-disc, but the big, major, extremely significant news is in Francesca Reyes' Letter From The Editor for the month:

"Sometime late this month (July) we're kicking off a project on Xbox Live Marketplace called OXM Digital... Think of it as a digital digest of our mag, but with lots of exclusive interactive content, including gamer pics, themes, videos, galleries... stuff we can't do in print."

"And yes, OXM Digital also sports exclusive demos. Yes, demos. Its cost? A pithy 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50)."

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omansteveo4162d ago

Im for this 100% i love the idea, this is why xbox live is the premere online service and its only gettin better between with stuff like "bringing-it-home",B eta's,Movie's,and TV-Shows i know my 50 dollars is well spent and its only the begining

BrainDrain4162d ago

This could be interesting, to say the least. Hopefully it doesn't result in everyone screaming that they now have to pay for demos.

ryanjtravis4162d ago

Well I'll be the first to "scream" I guess...

I realize that OXM demos tend to come out before we get them on XBL for free, but this does set a dangerous precedent.

If devs see that people are paying for this to get the demos, there is a likely chance that they will start charging for their demos too (non-OXM demos).

Just a bit worried - not screaming - yet! ;)

witchking4162d ago

Given that OPM stopped at least a year ago, this appears to be an interesting method of keeping a subscription going. OPM claimed they were shutting their doors because in this day and age of digital distribution, a magazine with a disc was making less sense.

So I can only imagine that Xbox Live Marketplace has been slowly sucking the subscriptions from OXM (I know I stopped getting it because the demos were available on the Marketplace). However, with a deal to get some exclusives, you're going to see OXM survive a bit longer, I suspect. I also believe that while you can complain about demos costing 200 points, OXM could argue that you're paying 200 points for all of the content they're providing... which of course includes the demo. :-)

power of Green 4162d ago

You're looking at it realisticlly. I'm in i'v been waiting for something like this forever, MS could do so much with the service its a start.

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