Major E3 2010 Conference Times

E3 is a worldwide event, so PS3Center thought it'd make it easier for everyone to figure out when each of the major conferences is happening.

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MGRogue20172808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )


Monday June 14th

10AM (PDT) - Microsoft Conference - 5PM (GMT), 6PM (BST), 7PM (CET), 2AM Tuesday (JST)

2PM (PDT) - EA Conference - 9PM (GMT), 10PM (BST), 11PM (CET), 6AM Tuesday (JST)
5PM (PDT) - Ubisoft Conference - (All on Tuesday) 12AM (GMT), 1AM (BST), 2AM (CET), 10AM (JST)
5PM (PDT) - Activision Conference - (All on Tuesday) 12AM (GMT), 1AM (BST), 2AM (CET), 10AM (JST)

Tuesday June 15th

9AM (PDT) - Nintendo Conference - 4PM (GMT), 5PM (BST), 6PM (CET), 1AM Wednesday (JST)
12PM (PDT) - Sony Conference - 7PM (GMT), 8PM (BST), 9PM (CET), 4AM Wednesday (JST)

Wednesday June 16th

1PM (PDT) - Konami Conference - 8PM (GMT), 9PM (BST), 10PM (CET), 5AM Thursday (JST).


gaffyh2808d ago

At least the times on this one are correct. Also this one is a fuller list, the other one only has Sony, MS and Nintendo.

Vegetom2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

You sure the times are correct? I thought Microsoft started at 6:30PM GMT.

gaffyh2808d ago

Yeah the MS conference is at 10:30 PDT, but a lot of the websites are starting coverage at 10 PDT, so it works.

CoxMulder2808d ago

Man, all these timezones are messing with my head..

BST = GMT + 1
CET = GMT + 1 (+ 1 Summertime) = GMT + 2


2808d ago
Britney Spears2808d ago

uh where is eastern? anyone know sony for eastern time?

Nathaniel_Drake2808d ago

PDT is pacific, so I am thinking for eastern you add 3 hours so Sony's would be 3 pm for eastern, 2pm for central, 1 pm for Mountain. I think

niceguywii602808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

Oh dear. No wonder N4G is the way it is. Google is your friend? My web connection is bugging out. I wonder if the traffic on the web is about to explode.

Britney Spears2808d ago

i don't feel like going there,why are you so bothered for me asking a question?

Rampaged Death2808d ago

Kaspersky just flashed up and fixed a trojan from this site so be careful

Biphter2808d ago

Watch out, that site has a trojan

STICKzophrenic2808d ago

Awesome. Looks like Monday is the only day I might leave work early.

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