Rumors & Speculation: Square Enix's Project X

TGH Writes:

"Square Enix’s Project X has been speculated and in development for quite some time. So the question is what could it be? We at TGH like to deduce and things down as gamers, to possibly discover and think about what the next big title could be through rumors and speculation. Let’s not forget as of February I believe Square announced they are working on 5 Unannounced projects. So without further ado, Project X. NOTE: We are not confirming or any of these projects again pure speculation unless otherwise stated."

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MightyMark4273032d ago

I really doubt that it's a sequel to Final Fantasy X. Heh, it's developed by GPG... expect it to be Dungeon Siege

Reibooi3032d ago

Pretty much every game they list is a game that SE would NOT hand out to a western Dev which is who will be making whatever project X is. New IP is about the only thing they might make outside of SE.

As many have said it's more then likely something to not get to excited about. it will more then likely be underwhelming and if you keep that in mind and then it's NOT underwhelming it will see like that much more of a surprise. Hyping yourself up is just a way to further disappoint yourself.

OptimusC3032d ago

what about a chrono game?

ahall88nhl3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

I had hope for a split second that it was Xenogears related but remembered this is Square ENIX, they're too lame for that now.

CLOUD19833032d ago

Every1 know that w/e it is, it will be another sh1ty game from SE so when the announcement done ppl will say "See, it was another crap from SE like we though.." and then they will forget it instantly and move on..

Nodoze3032d ago

Square Enix has jumped the shark. The titles they are now releasing are far below the level of previous gen releases.

Nier? Last Remnant? SUB PAR shovelware. You can say the same for FF 13 which is clearly not holding the interest of it's core audience. A linear love fest that has been short lived and significantly below expectations (no towns for the first 25 hours)!? FF 14 is not going to deliver either, and with the news that Wada wants 13 versus to go multiplatform that title will now suffer creatively as well.

I say let Wada continue to fly this company into the ground. By the time the board wakes up it will be too late to pull up and save the company.

You can only piss on your fan base for so long....

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The story is too old to be commented.