Big time Improvements coming to Madden!

Wiredfans looks at how some big changes to Madden 2011 will impact the game...

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johnbknight2915d ago

I like these changes, and think EA seems to making changes with all their titles that indicate they are heading in the right direction...

HolyOrangeCows2915d ago

Some stats about your online opponent and a rule much for "BIG TIME IMPROVEMENTS!"

cain1412915d ago

Yeah. I'd love to hear something about a large emphasis on real time physics here and not just with NBA Live (aka Elite)

Clumzyagent2915d ago

I love the new OT rule. It'll lessen the cheapness of coin tosses, and maybe allow me to actually win against my friends in the rare occasions that I make it to OT.

cain1412915d ago

I still prefer college over time to the NFL's...

2915d ago
NAdkins012915d ago

Adding the scouting report (that 2K had about 6 years ago) to just online ranked games (of course you have to pay for it or get coins) and an overtime rule is their idea of improving? How about actually franchise features in the online franchise and better gameplay (like the tackling in Backbreaker)

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