UN Fears PlayStation Mentality

A United Nations investigator has called for a halt to CIA-directed drone strikes on suspected Islamic militants, warning that killings ordered so far from the battlefield could lead to a "PlayStation" mentality.

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CrAppleton3030d ago

Giving games a bad name.. again..

Neco5123030d ago

They're always trying to make a bad name for games

ColdFire3030d ago

I agree with what they are saying, but they don't need to bring gaming into it :/

Wrathman3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

if it wasnt games it would be rock'n'roll and playing records backwards or violence moviees and hip-hop.

this article will be shown on the texas school cirriculum.another reason why the UN is bad..they want to kill our playstations!


Wrathman somehow your wrong, oh thats right people actually think the UN is here for world peace lol.

DaRockSays3030d ago

forever trying to give games a bad name. this is ridiculous. he should be sued by sony for giving the playstation a bad name!

Raf1k13030d ago

I can understand what the investigator is getting at. It's all too easy to target and kill people remotely. The more you do it the easier it gets and it doesn't help that innocent people are getting killed too. IMO killing people like this may be safe but also cowardly. It makes sense to keep your soldiers safe but there's no excuse for killing civilians.

wages of sin3030d ago

What kind of stupid statement is that?

War is the ultimate display of violence and should be done with the least amount of casualties to your side as possible. The whole point and evolution of firearms is to kill from as far away and as effectively as possible. It's called efficiency, not cowardice.

Another dumb ass comment from some dumb ass on N4G, go figure.

Leio3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

“The best way to win a war is to never have started one in the first place.”
( Sun Tzu )

If they really care about casualties and soldiers life they wont start one.
But for some fuck up reason some country just loves to start one after the other efficiency saving lives is just pure bull :/

UnwanteDreamz3030d ago

@ Wages

You think it is about efficiency? That was a dumb ass statement if I ever heard one. Weapons like everything else are about $$$. Wars are about $$$. If what you said was true we would just drop nukes on all our enemies. Long draw out conflicts are good for business. This has nothing to do with saving American lives. You can bet it is about $$$. They paid for these drones and they have to get their $$$ out of them.

madjedi3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

And countless innocent people are killed in terrorist attacks, unfortunately all the targets the military needs to kill aren't in bright orange suits or anything that makes it is.

While it is unfortunate that some (truly) innocent lives are also lost, it's better than risking countless soldiers lives just to get 1 individual. So to say that it is the act of a coward is just ignorant and proves, the people that agreed with you have no idea what your talking about.

Look up the history of warfare you fools, there is always civilian casualties, due to advances in targeting and precision we only need 1 bomb or missile to take out a target vs blanketing an entire area with 100-1000's of bombs as in ww2.

If it keeps us soldiers safe using drones and the un doesn't like to damn bad, video gamers need to stop acting like they actually have killed another person, your not snake.

@wages of sin thank you for being 1 of only 2 people commenting on the article, and actually using your brain and not towing the cliche killing civilians is always wrong no matter the circumstance response.

Apparently 2 dumbasses have never heard of the mad scenario, were talking about target specific elimination here retard not genocide or killing people for the sake of killing.

Raf1k13030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

It doesn't matter who's doing the killing. Anyone whose going to kill innocent people whether intentional or not from somewhere they can't be harmed is a coward IMO.

Killing innocent people is simply wrong. Whether you're a terrorist or a anyone just taking orders doesn't change that.

edit: @ madjedi. I agree with most of what you've said but saying it's cowardly doesn't prove ingorance. I know your point of view and understand your position but IMO these measure need only be taken when there is no other option.

If there is a way to take down that one individual without risking the lives of innocents and without putting too much risk on the soldiers then it should be done. After all, soldiers know that their lives are on the line every day they're in a hotspot. Who would join the armed forces thinking they'd be safe all the time? The risk is a part of their job. It's what they're trained for afterall.

Raf1k13030d ago

What wages of sin says seems to suggest that we should just carpet bomb an area with terrorists in regardless of civilians. Afterall, it ensures our safety and an almost 100% kill rate right? For madjedi (apparently a soldier) to agree to that is just sad.

I'll admit the issue isn't as black and white as some of us would like to think it is (including myself) but it's a shame that innocent people get killed in any conflict.

We can argue for and against for absolutely ages and I'm not against the use of drones as they're a powerful and very efficient tool against any enemy.

I think I should just leave it at that.

Ju3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

"It's easy to claim something is wrong or cowardly from a safe air conditioned building isn't it."

Do you actually really think before you type ?

So, we can condemn or call people out for being in an "safe air conditioned building" to make statements, but it is OK to kill (!) people from a "safe air conditioned building".

Like one thing is more detached from reality than the other.

Intelligence is on the way out, that's for sure.

Darkstorn3030d ago

I completely agree, but he didn't have to bring 'Playstation' into it. As a supporter of the UN, I don't think this guy is using terminology that's going to build support for the institution .

As for gaming making it easier to kill a human being, it's almost impossible to qualify.

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BattleAxe3030d ago

I don't think the UN is giving games a bad name, they just don't want the CIA to treat real life military situations like a video game.......................... By the way, I wonder how many points I could rack up playing Team Deathmatch with one of those drones.

Biggest3030d ago

This isn't about games. It's about a mentality. Using drones is very similar to playing your favorite FPS. "Aww shit! That fucker was camping behind the dumpster. When I respawn I'm gonna knife his bitch ass!" If a drone is shot down, you send another. When a drone kills dozens of people, you send another. When you need a PB&J, you send another. That is the mentality of video games. It is inhumane according to this investigator. And I can see his point. But as a person that has been shot at and injured by an enemy combatant, I can say without hesitation. . . Fuck that. If hiding behind cover is cowardly, I'll think about it when I am home praying for the families of the men that died. But if you think being Rambo is a serious way of dealing with war, please show the world how it's done.

aryan_irani3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

did u even read the whole article? based on ur comment, probably not and same for most people here. all they're saying is that with the increase of technology, war is becomming very video game like, sending all these unmanned predator drones, killing hundreds without even a soldier setting foot in the harms way

ThanatosDMC3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

Sony should sue... wait can Sony do that?

FarEastOrient3030d ago

When did the United Nations start dictating how the United States should use their forces?

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bgrundman3030d ago

A PlayStation mentality? what the hell does that mean?

Neco5123030d ago

Retarded, they think people will just kill because they do in a game?

Ju3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

No. They say you detach yourself so far from the real impact that you loose a feeling of accountability in a maybe not so justified kill.

Since you are behind a video screen the perception is far from reality. It is not real. Possibly giving you the impression like a video game.

With that "distance" and not being directly involved pulling the trigger is just made easy. Too easy as some think. I can agree with that. There should be a certain bar to pull the trigger. This certainly removes that bar.

It has nothing to do with "playstation" as a brand nor does it criticize video games. "Videogames" are used as a metaphor for a what is a more and more becoming a virtual war - with real impact.

DaRockSays3030d ago

I hate when people give gaming a bad name

mrv3213030d ago

Well if I live in one of these countries I would be more worried because the UN took 20 years to arrive and even then they can't shoot back and a ineffective.

Ju3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

And shooting back solved which problem, actually ?

I guess you can come up with one, but I guess that was that. What else you got ? And how long are we trying now ?

Rhythmattic3030d ago

It only Does / Kills Everything.

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