GrE's Release of the Week: Alpha Protocol

GrE writes, "While the past two weeks were packed with big named titles, this week is a little more on the sparse side. There are expansions for Tropico 3 and The Sims, as well as “off-brand” sports games Backbreaker and Pure Futbol. Of everything that hits store shelves after Memorial Day weekend, Alpha Protocol is easily the most advertised..."

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DaRockSays2732d ago

I've heard great things about the story on this, but heard the gunplay is weak

bgrundman2732d ago

But RPGs are not all about the gunplay.

CrAppleton2732d ago

True! I think this one looks great, but I was thinking more along the lines of Mass Effect meats Splinter Cell.. not sure how that will work if the gunplay is off. But it looks great!

wondroushippo2731d ago

It's still got those elements in it, though, right?

Neco5122732d ago

That's lame, the story looks really good! Dialogue looks and sounds amazing. It might be worth a shot anyway

starven2732d ago

I'm looking forward to playing this one sometime soon!

Neco5122732d ago

Me too! I think I can deal with slightly shoddy gunfights. It's stealth anyway isn't it?

CrAppleton2732d ago

Stealth yeah, but can you kill someone you're looking at? Gun fights are still important.

roblef2732d ago

This game isn't getting the best of reviews around the web.

darkroomdemons2731d ago

Kind of interested....but I'm too busy conquering New Austin.