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New Year Wishlist - Part 1

27d ago - The crew from Player2 picked one Indie and one AAA title that they are looking forward too in the... | PC

‘Grim Dawn’s’ Long Development Journey Comes to an End in February | Hardcore Gamer

36d ago - Five years is a long time in the video game industry and a project that takes a half decade to go... | PC

Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

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Dad Immortalized In His Favorite Game By Grieving Son

51d ago - John Hathway’s father was a big fan of the Diablo-style action RPG Grim Dawn. He liked it so much... | PC

Clicking With Action RPG Grim Dawn - Cliqist

164d ago - Stephen East writes: "Grim Dawn is a Diablo style action RPG from Crate Entertainment. If you’ve... | PC

10 Best Early Access Games on Steam Right Now

220d ago - Vgamerz writes: "Opinions are usually mixed when it comes to Early Access games and the truth is... | PC

Diablo 1 and 2 developer joins Grim Dawn team

244d ago - "Crate Entertainment has announced that Eric Sexton, former developer at Gearbox Software and Bli... | PC

Grim Dawn Preview | The Game Scouts

267d ago - Palmer Sturman: Current ARPGs tend to vary in terms of extremes. On one hand you have simplified... | PC

Grim Dawn: PC Performance Analysis

333d ago - NextPowerUp has done a detailed PC performance analysis of the Early Access title Grim Dawn, a PC... | PC

NextPowerUp: Grim Dawn 'Early Access' Review

334d ago - Grim Dawn is a Hack 'n' Slash Loot'em'Up ARPG developed by Crate Entertainment (developers of Tit... | PC

Early Access Spotlight: Grim Dawn | Ghost Volta

426d ago - Paul of Ghost Volta: "But now, in the substantially more populated action RPG landscape of 2014,... | PC

Grim Dawn gets Instanced Loot, expanded storage and more

483d ago - Grate Entertainment tweak and add Grim Dawn features in the next game update and they’re looking... | PC

Grim Dawn - PC Preview | Chalgyr's Game Room

486d ago - Chalgyr's Game Room writes: Oh Early Access games, how I love thee. My awesome EIC is letting... | PC

Geekscape Games First Impressions: 'Grim Dawn'

640d ago - Andy writes, "The folks over at Blizzard have become masters of time. When the Reaper of Souls ex... | PC

Grim Dawn Preview - Gaming Nexus

650d ago - From the preview: "Overall, Grim Dawn takes some time to get invested in, but once it gets its cl... | PC

Grim Dawn crafting has now been added – Multiplayer in July

656d ago - A development update from Crate Entertainment’s CEO Arthur Bruno informs us that crafting has now... | PC

Grim Dawn In-Depth Preview by Game & Guide

657d ago - The action role-playing game Grim Dawn has some issues in its current alpha build, but there's a... | PC

Grim Dawn Preview | GIZORAMA

657d ago - Brandon Koch, GIZORAMA - "Over the past several years, it seems there has been a resurgence of ac... | PC

Front Towards Gamer -- Grim Dawn Preview: Clone Saga

658d ago - Grim Dawn is a Diablo clone, pulling a few a new things pushing player experimentation. Still ear... | PC

[Continue Play] Grim Dawn Preview

664d ago - Continue Play's Dale Morgan takes a look at Grim Dawn, Crate Entertainment's spiritual successor... | PC

Grim Dawn Hands-On Preview | CheatCC

678d ago - CCC Says: "Grim Dawn is an isometric action RPG that pits you against every undead abomination im... | PC

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Grim Dawn Appends Classic Action RPG With Act II On Steam

710d ago - GG3 writes: "Fans of Diablo who didn’t get what they really were yearning for in the spectacle th... | PC

Grim Dawn Expands With The Release of Act 2

712d ago - "The game has been expanded with the release of Act 2, which brings content from Old Arkovia." | PC

The Horrible Show #501 - Aim Higher

724d ago - Horrible Night: "Justin, Ethan, and Aaron break in a new format for The Horrible Show. Good decis... | PC

Gritty is the New Pretty: The Aesthetics of Grim Dawn

725d ago - Ethan Moses: "...sometimes I just need a dank, disgusting world to get get dirty in. That's why p... | PC

Grim Dawn enters Act 2 playtesting phase – Crafting and content discussed

762d ago - The new year brings more updates for Crate Entertainment’s ARPG Grim Dawn with news that Act 2 te... | PC
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