Rumor: GTA V To Be Revealed At E3 In Few Weeks

Rockstar has been silent concerning Grand Theft Auto V. In fact they’ve been so tight lipped that we have no idea what’s going on. But a rumor has surfaced, with evidence, suggesting that Rockstar will steal the show in L.A with its grand reveal of Grand Theft Auto.

But still you never know. This could indeed be the real deal, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.
E3 just got a whole lot more exciting.

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SupeerSteebbi3120d ago

Rockstar North need to focus on Agent.

Joule3120d ago

Yes they do have to be working on Agent but I dont mind a Grand Theft Auto V, I just hope they dont take out the fun element like in GTA4.

Gun_Senshi3120d ago

gta 4 has fun element?

thats new to me!

Conloles3120d ago Show
gtamike3120d ago

GTA V (name) will only be out when PS4 is out.
GTA IV was crap it was like I was playing GTA3 with better graphics and physics engine.

Remake GTA San Andreas and add even more fun things in.

poindat3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

You just shot yourself in the foot with that analogy. GTA 3 was, and still is, one of the most amazing and influential games I've ever played. In addition to being a lot of firsts, it also is a shining example of an incredibly fun game without any of the fluff. You do a great service to GTA IV by comparing it with III.

But anyways, I'm a sucker for open-world games, and GTA IV managed to hold my attention for roughly 150 hours before I became bored of it, so I'm ready to hear about a new installment. The engine is already in place, so I'm hoping that Rockstar can make full use of their talents this time around, and create a truly memorable, fun, and long-lasting game.

Despite this, while there's no question that the next installment IS being worked on at this very moment (as is the case with every franchise), I somehow doubt that we will see an announcement at E3. It just doesn't seem likely with Rockstar needing to tout Agent first and foremost.

And that image is 100% fake, just as all the other "leaked" exhibitors lists have been.

Montrealien3120d ago


It's cool to hate on anything popular here on N4G and GTA4 is a shinning example of just that. I think It's all the teenage angst we got floating on N4G.

/on topic

GTA4 was a throwback to GTA3, one of the best games this gen, and I am quite interested in GTA5 and agent of course.

corneliuscrust3120d ago

The game you're looking for is called Saint's Row or its lackluster sequel.

There you will find your ridiculous antics.

raztad3120d ago

In fact I'm enjoying SR2 (playing it now) much more than I did with GTA4. SR2 is actually a fun game.

Kleptic3120d ago

GTAIV was fine...I don't think a lot of us are jumping on the 'its cool to hate ____' with GTAIV...the only thing I disliked about it was it getting nearly unanimous 10's all over the place...when, imo as well as many others, it was simply a sequel that went in a different direction than the series had been last gen...

the friends/date stuff in gtaIV is beyond stupid...and thats really the biggest side missions in the game...its overall smaller than its predecessors, in terms of things to do...which to me is a step backwards, thats all...I don't hate the game, in fact just started playing through it again last week...but I do think it was overrated...and its definitely not my favorite GTA game...

GreenRingOfLife3119d ago

Rockstar said that you won't hear anything from Agent at all this year. And seeing how we've yet to hear anything at all about GTA V, we will definitely hear something about that before more info of Agent. I wouldn't be surprised if Agent was put on hold to focus development on GTA V.

Heisenberg3119d ago

What do paint chips taste like??

ReservoirDog3163119d ago

Hope it has a great story like in GTA IV. Just keep it serious, love that about GTA IV (see bio).

And anyone who's played the GTA IV episodes can see they hint heavily at GTA V being in London. Even Lazlow says on his show they can broadcast worldwide soon I think. So I couldn't see them doing a Vice City game (assuming that's what the Vice is).

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poindat3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Thanks for using that analogy correctly, haha. :D

And I agree that much of the hate for GTA IV is entirely unfounded. It reminds me of the ADD generation that we are in, people have been so spoiled by San Andreas and Saint's Row that they can't MAKE their own fun anymore. It has to be delivered on a silver platter. And let me tell you, GTA IV was excellent fun with just a bit of imagination. In fact, give me GTA III any day (which has almost no features by today's standards) and I will play for hours on end, reveling in that amazing creation. People need to learn to appreciate the overall experience rather than the individual features. And let me tell you, San Andreas offered the least in terms of experience to me, which should tell you something about what I think about all this "IV is no fun because you can't do..." crap.

For GTA V, I just want Rockstar to take what they have accomplished with GTA IV and build on it to create a richer and deeper experience. I in no way want a ridiculous San Andreas-esque game. The GTA brand, to me, is suited towards a more gritty, emotional, and rich experience. Not flying jetpacks around military bases and stealing jet planes. That being said, San Andreas was great in its own ways, but it just never seemed to me like I was playing GTA. It felt like something else entirely.

EDIT: Whoops, hit the wrong "reply" button. Should be 1.1.6.

Montrealien3120d ago

what can I say dude, we need more posters like you on here. :)

niceguywii603120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Great post but I could have saved you the trouble.

The reason for the hate is because of the Xbox for a number of reasons. This is why his comment is GTA vs Agent

"In fact they’ve been so tight lipped that we have no idea what’s going on"

So this logic can apply to everything else but Microsoft's E3 360 offereings and Natal's world premier and offerings/capabilities lol.

Vote >no way< PS3 fans because a new GTA would silence Agent at E3.

corneliuscrust3120d ago

UNFOUNDED hate. The xbox is the reason for a lot of unfounded hate around here.

PCnPS3Gamer3119d ago

Gta 4 was anything but epic it was average....remember how everyone hates on features getting taken a way well guess what gta 4 took so many things away its not even funny and all they added was better graphics and physics, ohh yeah and drunk driving and annoying phone calls from annoying ass cousin. thats flame thrower,no chain saw, no mini gun, no hipache helicopter, no tank, no float planes, no base slitting throats with knife, melee attacks were a joke as always (jail shanking anyone ?), gore was meh...only things i thought were cool about gta 4 were hitting people, pushing people down stairs, driving cars and rolling, graphics and physics, but the weapons and game mechanics was very lackluster.....thanks alot xbox 360....ps3 version of gta 4 could have had gay tony and lost and the damned included, but instead ms fucked everyone over.....thanks alot ms.

I swear if someone calls me me a sony has nothing to do with that. it doesnt take a genius to figure out ms screwed everyone over by making us pay extra for something that could have been included in a exclusive gta 4 ps3 game...personally i dont think the ps3 could handle an insane gta game alot better then the 360 but i do know that it can handle 40 more gb of content, which is more than enough for gay tony and lost and the damned. i say that because open world games demand alot of processing power and ram and the ps3 doesnt have ram maybe with the cell the ps3 could be alittle better here and there but blu ray is what really makes the huge difference though.

I'll admit gta 4 had some cool things but it was far from epic, and for the better of gamers should have been a ps3 exclusive....

Personally i think if ms cant man up and admit defeat and adopt blu ray, the 360 should just go the way hd dvd did because seriously this dlc bs is getting ridiculous have you noticed every multiplat game has payed dlc at launch...its because of the 360. also dont think i dont realize that theres no way and hell the 360 is gunna get blu ray, because it would only be for movies anyways ms f'd up on this one...consumers f'd up too....basically the way i look at it careless and stupid consumers are the reason that gaming is getting so expensive. support the better products, that save you money. think like japan they know what there doing...

RedDevils3119d ago (Edited 3119d ago )

how long did it took You to bubble up to 4 bubbles lol

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AAACE53120d ago

I don't believe it because they have a few other games in the pipe already, but you never know! Traditionally, it is about time for a new one to come out.

mikeslemonade3119d ago

GTAV with a new engine that is PS3 exclusive. If it's multiplatform i'm not interested.

Jazz41083119d ago

Why? Are you afraid it will be better on the 360 again like grand theft and red dead did?

Disccordia3119d ago

Rockstar will continue to use the RAGE engine for the rest of this generation and that includes Agent.

Besides, we know from the deal that Rockstar and Sony struck that GTA is going to be multiplatform (for this console generation at least)

XactGamer3119d ago

I can't wait to play Agent, I might wait until it goes to PC though.

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movements3120d ago

Ha! That would be serious Business right there!

Hands Up For Games3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

No way are R* North going to show Agent and announce GTA V at the same event.

No way Jose.

tdogchristy903120d ago

I never got into the GTA series, maybe it's the whole gangster thing.....but I am VERY excited for Agent and LA Noir, so hope to hear more about them at E3.

MajestieBeast3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Focus on 1 project Rockstar North. Would be funny if they announce it at the Sony press conference as exclusive to the ps3 i think the whole internet would have big meltdown.