4% Of Gamers Play 48.5 Hours Of Games Every Week

This group of gamers who are gaming the equivalent of 2 full days out of every 7 are tabbed as "extreme gamers."

But just who are they? The answers may be surprising.

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GuruStarr783094d ago

In addition to my home consoles, I play alot of PSP at work during my down-time. Since I work at a fire dept, My PSP gets a ton of use during "down-time". On my days away from the firehouse, I spend alot of time on my Wii and PS3.....(360, not so much, until now that is, I picked up Alan Wake and have been playing it sporadically).

I also buy alot of games, but most of them I get off ebay and they're, pre-owned and typically under 20.00 and for the girl does'nt seem to mind, as long as I find time to keep her satisfied. ;P