New Xenoblade customization screens

Nintendo has released 14 new screens showcasing the customization system in Xenoblade.

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N4GAddict2976d ago

Looks good. When is it coming out again?

SpaceSquirrel2976d ago

June 10th in Japan and TBA 2010 in North America.

SpoonyRedMage2976d ago

Wasn't there a video as well?

Anyway awesome, finally a JRPG where the character's armours actually change.

Redempteur2976d ago

what ?

Did you miss those before where that was possible ? ( the most recent one being White knight chronicles )

SpoonyRedMage2976d ago

Nope, did not miss them but I really meant one where you don't create your character.(although I guess that applies to the single player mode of WKC and FF:CC:RoF)

darthdevidem012976d ago

but WKc is crap so I doubt he would want to play that.

Redempteur2976d ago

thank you for your input but that wasn't needed ...

go troll elsewhere ..

pcz2976d ago

It looks ghastly. Really ugly. Its horrible. Why are you people pretending it looks good? It looks horrid.

I'm making note of all the people who said this looks great and im never taking you seriously again.

Redempteur2976d ago

maybe because we are taking into consideration the wii itself ?

Maybe because we are talking about design ?

Maybe because in a rpg gameplay and story is more improtant than graphics ?

just maybe ....

tunaks12976d ago

stop fuking trolling we get it you dont like the game,
go do something more productive with ur life

kesvalk2976d ago

now we're talking, i love char customization in games, love it in MH, love it in FF:CC and love it Phantasy Star Portable...

this made xenoblade a must for me...

pcz2976d ago

maybe you are a troll for coming online and talking complete utter nonsense about a game which is quite clearly horrendously ugly. Oh no, thats not a troll, thats a fanboy. Take your fanboy goggles off, this looks so sh1t it makes bubsy the bobcat 3d look cutting edge.

xenoblade *walks off laughing to myself*

tunaks12976d ago

"horrendously ugly"
"fanboy goggles off"
"t looks ghastly. Really ugly. Its horrible."
"It looks horrid. "

if thats not a troll I don't know what is.

turok2976d ago (Edited 2976d ago )

...are you even here. Why are you trolling here? Ah. I forget... Trolls + logic Dont mix.

@tunaks1 well said mate.

Now to rail this topic back on track I look forward to the Father of Final Fantasy's next game.

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