Installing Games Might Not Be Required In The Future

It is no doubt that online web based gaming hold a future in the present gaming scenario. We talk about the capabilities and the problems the gaming industry will face.

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superdruglord2649d ago

I heard about quake or doom in 3d for pc that could be played on the browser.

I guess thats a beginning.

internetish2648d ago

I think that was for April fools but I am not sure since they did not release the source code yet for the web based drivers.

And there has hardly been any updates.

GUCommander2648d ago

I've played quite a lot of web-based games lately. They are using plugins to deliver you a rich and immersible experience that's unparalleled. Flash is nothing compared to the quality of games described in this article.

rollingspring2648d ago

I only play online games all the time...

internetish2648d ago

Yeah that is like facebook games and they suck pretty well.

rollingspring2648d ago

Try battledawn. ITs flash based game.

internetish2648d ago

Am talking about some high graphic game.

takamichinaku2648d ago

That might take more than an year.

digitallyin2648d ago

I am sure like 5 years but a decade would be too much.

Gestalt2647d ago

That's what M$ said with the Play-n-Tray feature (more in essence of being able to play the game from the tray while you install it), and that never took off. This is just one step further, and I don't see how that's going to work.

Even if done through online means, there will still be loading times of any sort; to assume that we can just "do away with them" ENTIRELY would require a supercomputer that can process commands faster than we can think.