PS3 Slim sold out, limited at U.S. retail

Punch Jump writes: "Sony Corp.’s Playstation 3 held a sold out and limited status at online retailers due to high demand for the hardware.

This week, the PS3 120GB held a sold out status Best Buy Co. Inc.’s online division.

In addition, the PS3 120GB requires a two to four week shipping period from"

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sikbeta2988d ago

Yes, New PS3 Model is Coming...

DaTruth2988d ago

Would be awesome if it were due to demand and not shortages!

ChozenWoan2988d ago

The funny part is that even with shortages, the PS3 is still outselling the xbox360 worldwide. That means that there is some demand for the console that only does everything.

duplissi2988d ago

well isnt it still outselling the 360?

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Shipping Units, and New Hardware for NA:

RageAgainstTheMShine2988d ago

Wow that sounds pretty awesome!

White PS3 with Amuro Pay on the face plate!

360RRODFIX2988d ago

Killer move would be if they had even slimmer model at E3 or GDC Lepzig like last year, and there were no shortages, starting at 249$.

-Alpha2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

An even slimmer model? I think it would just confuse people. I want customizable colors though! Or at least cool faceplates.

That would be cool. The PS3 is actually very well designed. I love how the Slim looks. It's so sleek and sexy. Sony really knows how to design their products.

Sarcasm2988d ago

"Yes, New PS3 Model is Coming... "

PS3 Super Slim?

duplissi2988d ago

naw the new one just has a smaller rsx. IE: cheaper.

Kratos Spartan2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

The price drop to $300 was both a blessing and a curse. Sales went up so much they ran out. They may have underestimated how many people were waiting to...



The Wood2988d ago

JokesOnYou TOLD us this was just sony loyalist PR talk

i cant see why he'd lie.....he's so fair and open minded


JokesOnYou2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Yes, Bestbuy currently is sold out online only for 120gb ps3, yet theres plenty of ps3's everywhere, just like usual, and you can go on Amazon buy a ps3 with no waiting, I also checked all the major retailers like gamestop, walmart, & target hell even Costco and Sears target they all have 120gb ps3's available, I said: "Go to any major retailer that sells gaming consoles and you can pick up a ps3", and I was right look at the sources for yourself, lol, you only prove my point even further, because 1 retailer for a day doesn't have 1 sku of ps3 for online sales doesn't make there a shortages nationwide:

-lmfao, certain 360 sku's have been out of stock from time to time at a particular retailer, that does not equal a shortage, I guess if your local 7 Eleven was out of Snickers when you were there then there must but shortages on that candy bar too huh?, lol the ps3 fell slightly short of outselling 360 in the US, and all the sony extremists scream shortages as if you can't just go online to 9 out of 10 major retailers or walk into any retail store that sells consoles and buy a ps3. lol, while you talk shiii, I offer you proof^^^^^^ ha, ha I guess I have a fan=


RedDevils2988d ago

I been looking at some of your comments recently, I think you're one of those typical fanboy who is bias toward the PS3 and can't stand anything what good that come to Sony way eh? Indeed Joke On You :)

The Wood2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

all those links for me... Anybody would think that you actually 'like' sony the way you 'also checked all the major retailers like gamestop, walmart, & target hell even Costco and Sears' LOL, Hands down you OWNED me at finding links to prove 'your' point but you've also just owned yourself in proving that you really are bitter towards sony, their fans or anybody that prefers it or says something good about em to the point where you'd probably downplay the SUN and find a link if you thought sony had something to do with it... ;)

A shortage is a shortage even IF you can find a sku, doesnt mean you can do that everywhere...I read people saying they cant find x sku whereas you find em 'everywhere' you look **LOL** maybe you're special. Same thing happened in the UK btw and yes it was real but im sure there would of been some part of london where i could of just walked into a store and grabbed one, no issue and just to make things clearer I didnt, like many others, want the £350+ x bundle sku JUST a standalone 120/250 gig. Tretton was even telling reuters sony expected things to catch up around May, April. I know he's like a big fanboy in your eyes but why should he lie mr joy.

So yeah, cling to your 'im still right'. Ill smile and say cheer up and stop being sooooo BITTER. I wouldnt even need to read or 'follow' you to see how many times you've mention 'sony loyalist®' AND NEVER 360 ones (define irony) ....anybody who doesn't want to be seen wouldn't put JOY at the end of every post btw.. Good day to you sir

sony loyalist®

raztad2987d ago


The links you posted have the PS3 as sold out or out of stock.

solidjun52987d ago

Yea you, you 360 Loyalist. You claim to have a PS3 (I highly doubt it). What's your PSN? hmm..

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deadreckoning6662988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Hope Sony bounces back from this and has enough supply to meet demand. The Slim is truly a great value at 300 bucks. Not to be a fanboy ir anythg, but I'd rather buy a Slim over a 360...and I already own a fat PS3.

hay2988d ago

True. I'm selling my Xbox if MS won't announce some heavy hitters on E3.

Greywulf2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Youve got uhm

Halo Reach
Gears 3..


Megatons like


deadreckoning6662988d ago

@hay- I'm sure Microsoft will have plenty of surprises for E3. So, if u already have a 360, I don't think itd be a very good idea to sell it.

Anon19742988d ago

All those titles have already been revealed. Now what else is there to look forward to?

My feeling is the 360 is winding down. Microsoft themselves said developer support for the 360 is waning in the last fiscal update, sales are still down and software revenue is falling. My feeling is Halo Reach, Gears 3 and Fable 3 are going to be the 360's last hurrah before the system is retired and it's replacement is launched. I don't think Microsoft will reveal anything at this year's E3 due to Natal's launch coming up, but my feeling is we've probably only got 2010 and 2011 left for the 360 before they really start winding the console down and figure out what the next console is going to look like.

There's no way at this point they'll be able to break even with the 360 and that's two console gens now that lost billions for the company. My concern is that they'll look at the Wii and next gen try to put out some under powered Xbox Wii system that they can sell cheaply following Nintendo's lead and possibly beating Nintendo's next console to market. They certainly can't afford to have another money losing exercise like the Xbox and 360 turned out to be.

As for the PS3 it's just hitting it's stride. I think we've got another 3, possibly 4 years before Sony starts talking PS4. By that time I think 3D will have started to gain some traction in homes and I can see that being a key component of the PS4.

RBdrift2988d ago

I really try not to sound like a fanboy because i do own both a xbox 360 and a PS3,but seriously non of MS's exclusive have me remotely excited like Sony's exclusives.Maybe just gears 3 a bit but that game isnt coming out till a whole year.
Does anyone else get that same feeling about MS exclusives.

mittwaffen2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Sadly; i've had a bad taste after Confrontation.

I'll join my Brethren if Socom 4 ends up good in my books.


I really like my xbox for the Online and XBLA; its really worlds ahead of PSN (I'm going to get flamed but this is my view having owned both, spending hundreds on their distribution and testing alot of the games online; i'm giving a honest and as unbiased opinion I can.) Thats why I pay to play games where everyone has a decent mic, a real online system that has this 'organic' feeling. Nothing feels bolted on or not as good as it should be with live. Thats a basic summary without a wall of text comparison.

Its personal taste; and I fully plan on buying another PS3 when I see more games that have my full intrest; IE Socom, new Metal Gear!

Both systems are great in their own ways. To him his own.

duplissi2988d ago

rbdrift... yeah i agree to an extent. alan wake looks pretty good, but im losing interest in reach as of late and gears.... well meh. but all id need to hear to make me prance around like a giddy school girl is mass effect 3.

really microsoft you have a decent system why the hell wont you get some devs and keep them?

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Cyrus3652988d ago

This is probably due to them making sure all the old PS3 Slims are cleared the channel, and they can send out their new PS3 Slims with 40nm processor, the one they turn on a profit on.

But bad timing with their big releases in Feb/March, etc.

sikbeta2988d ago

Exactly, this is the "slightly redesigned PS3" which will make Profit for Sony, this year we'll see GT5 + Bundles...

rob60212988d ago

I don't think your average consumer would be able to tell the difference looking at the box. They shouldn't have to wait for the other ones to have cleared the channel to send out new ones.

Cyrus3652988d ago

They might not tell, it'll look the same, but they need to clear the channel, cause if not, all these ps3 would be sitting at retails, and they wouldn't order their new model, which to them makes them a profit...

I mean that's what happened with the 360, they had stuffed the channel, in the earlier versions, that they had to do price cuts and crap to get rid of it, so they could send out the new models.

Lucreto2988d ago

I wonder what is happening I thought by now Sony would have increased production by now. I wonder if this was planned with E3 around the corner they could be building up a supply of machines for a big announcement.
I doubt it is a price cut but if they are making a profit now they might just do it.
They could be holding them for GT5 as well.

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