Wanting A Box

Critical Gamer writes: In a previous article, I spoke about inevitable change. The specific example was that of gaming magazines and the lessening reasons they should carry on existing. It may seem ironic then, that this time around I am looking at an example of fighting change.

As I continuously pointed out; change is inevitable, but that it is not to say that change is of a specific type. Change is variable, change depends on circumstance. In order to survive, gaming magazines are now offering more and more online options. Now take a look at something like the Splinter Cell games and how they have evolved to meet the demands of the gamers of the time. These are two examples of inevitable change, but both are different.

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Milamber2901d ago

Despite the PSPgo's poor retail performance, digital distribution is definitely the way to go for portable gaming, as carrying around multiple DS cartridges or UMD discs kind of negates the portability a bit! The PSPgo is a nice design too, apart from the phantom analog stick of course. Makes me hopeful for the next gen offering from Sony.

Inside_out2901d ago (Edited 2901d ago )

This has everything to do with greed...plain and simple...they are not losing anything....make a good game, market it well and it will sell well...why would I buy a game that costs $60-$80 on a guess....Sony got clubbed with there dumb PSP go....Game vendors should fight back...Put EA and Ubisoft on seperate shelves...tell the customer it has no trade in what they want part of the resale, open up there own stores???...Ahhhh..HA...that would be expensive...

schlanz2901d ago

It's easy to label it "greed" but its just business. They are producing games for profit, not for charity.

schlanz2901d ago

It would definitely be nice to be able to carry around your entire portable collection around in your pocket. Makes a lot of sense. I definitely support that.

As for consoles, even though I consider myself a collector and I like to see the boxes lined up on the shelf, I'm actually not fearful or resentful of the potential shift in the industry to solely DD.

If the industry decides to move in this direction, what are we gamers to do to fight it? I'd rather continue with my hobby than join an ill-attempt at a boycott. In the end its all about the games and as long as I'm playing them then that's good enough for me, whether they are on a shelf or stored on an HDD.

scruffy_bear2901d ago

Don't like digital downloads as I like to own the box

Mondayding2901d ago

I don't need the box. I don't have the space in my house to keep them all, along with everything else that I've accumulated in 25 years of music, games, films and books love. However, I'm not too sure about the storage of a game, keeping it on the hard drive isn't that cool if the damn thing breaks or something.

Wouldn't it be a good idea if someone came along and invented some nifty storage device that looked like a game box but was indeed a drive? They could flash it up by allowing the front to wear a digital cover of whatever game you've got on there that you're playing at the moment. You could bung it up on the shelf, out of the way, take it with you if you were going round a mates house to play or whatever, and thus it would nominally pacify those who can't live without the box art and need to have something tangible and real in their hands and it would appease the cluttered lives of those like me.

Say this was a reality - how much would you be willing to pay for something like that?

Milamber2901d ago

That's a really nice idea. It's kind of like an evolved Dreamcast VMU. If the interface also contained game information and the manual, it would definitely fill the void left by not having a boxed copy.

paradigmfellow2901d ago

I like my boxes I like to show the games off

Cubes2901d ago

I like the boxes for my home console, I enjoy collecting them, but for PSP, DS etc it's not important. I'd much rather have a digital brochure. I never carry them around with me anyway.

DemonStration2901d ago

People still have working NES games and systems, Atari consoles, etc. Will people still be able to play Geometry Wars on their 360 in 20 years though? Digital distribution throws this monkey wrench into the mix for collectors that really makes the idea unappealing.

I don't even keep my game boxes anymore - I throw them out and keep my discs and manuals in a big binder. But as someone who wants to always be able to go back and play my old games, an event like the inevitable shutdown of xbox live is scary. What's going to happen to all my downloads?

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