Gaming a "difficult sport" to watch on TV, says boss

Games and television have always experienced a difficult relationship with ventures tying the two together invariably ending up on the rocks, but co-founder and director of Richard Skelhorn reckons it's a relationship that can work if done right...

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Azurite4117d ago

Maybe they should check out how it works in South Korea.

pLaystation4117d ago

It aint that hard... focuse on the fkn game. I see some of these so called gaming tournament broadcast shows and its fkn stupid. Sometimes they show the guys face, who the fk wants to see this guys expression? Ofcoarse u want to know his handle, or his nickname put his lil name on the lil fkn screen. Other times i see them focusing on the controller, like wow he knows how to press buttons, fkn idiots focuse on the gameplay. How they play the game not how theyre fkn pressing the buttons, or how their faces are intimidating the other team.. common sense fkn idiots. sht aint that hard.