Call of Duty Black Ops X360 Beta Codes Leaked

The same team of hackers who uncovered millions of Halo: Reach beta codes, have today done the exact same thing with Call of Duty: Black Ops.

This is the second time in the last year that codes have been uncovered far ahead of even news of the Beta. And it looks like once again it's all Microsofts fault.

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BigKev452898d ago

So where are the codes? Dam it!

BaneWilliams2898d ago

I imagine they'll do exactly what they did last time, and circulate the codes privately, before releasing them to the masses. We'll see, however.

Fishy Fingers2898d ago

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..."For now we will do the same thing we did with Reach, keep the keys under wraps until the Beta is fully announced, then share them."

Crazyglues2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Well at least there will be a beta which is more then I can say for Infinity's Wards Modern Warfare 2's Glitch fest...

Had they did a beta it probably would have been a much better game, instead they decided to skip the beta in-order to cash-in on the hype...

This will probably be a much better game, can't wait, even though Infinity Ward is gone, I'm sure they will still use the code from MW2 on this COD: Black Ops edition.. Will be interesting to see what they can do with the code.

Hope they have Zombie Mode again, as surprisingly, that was a pretty cool feature in World at War...

All this has me really excited about Black Ops - I'm also looking at this as the Last Real COD game... as any COD after this one will most likely suck, without having Infinity Ward's code to milk off of... (and not to mention Respawn Entertainment the new infinity will have release their new game by then)


BeaArthur2898d ago

I'd probably try the beta for this. I've never played one of the Treyarch games.

Dnied2898d ago

Atleast they're doing a beta :S

Not like it will make it any better though lol

red2tango2898d ago

PS3 don't get a lot of beta love because the publisher has to pay, while 360 owners pay their subscriptions which cover publisher uploads therefore being more cost effective.

PhantomT14122898d ago

Well, I hope there's gonna be a beta on PC then.

maverick11912898d ago

im betting now that half of the glitches in this will be in the full game

im assuming ps3 wont get this beta so cheers for beta testing it for us like most games and dlc lol

mcnablejr2898d ago

The prestigious 'Most ridiculous argument ever' award.

TheXgamerLive2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

They released a small group of Beta codes through to friends and close associates and let them give them out to a few lucky individuals. The same thing here, there's NO hackers to thank here fools, and if it is true that codes are available, ya can't play a beta until a beta exists, so chilax on the fluff.

BaneWilliams2898d ago

Er, learn to use google? Team DX were the exact same team who got a huge amount of Halo: reach codes and shared them with the community. Bungie did not give them codes, why would Bungie give a well known and reputable HACKING group a bunch of codes.

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The story is too old to be commented.