Red Dead Redemption review: 10/10 in Official PlayStation Magazine

CVG: This is getting silly now. Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption has clocked up a 10/10 review in the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine.

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Pennywise2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )


Next week can't come fast enough.

Trey_4_life2958d ago

Congratulations to rockstar san diego on making a great game just like rockstar north have been doing for the past 10 years with the GTA series.

TripleAAARating2958d ago

** Oh snap!!... It's a little above my standards..... XD

Trey_4_life2957d ago

Oh yeah guys if you want to see some exclusive gameplay courtesy of me check this out while it's still up

movements2958d ago

Great Game! I was intrigued from the moment I saw it! Day one buy for me.

thematrix12982958d ago

They should never give a game 10. GTA4 got it and we all agreed it's over hyped.

inveni02958d ago

I would agree about GTA4, but this game was never over-hyped. In fact, it just started picking up steam over the last few weeks. I'm more likely to give credit to a perfect review score over something like this than I am to something like Halo, Gears, MGS, GTA4, God of War, etc.

aaronisbla2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

i disagreed with you, not because of what you said about GTA4 being overhyped, i actually agree with you on that point.

Its because you are one of those people who think that a 10 means perfect, when any GOOD reviewing site or magazine will tell you it doesn't mean perfect and nothing will be better. Really if nothing can reach a ten, why use a scale from 1-10? if they highest they can get is a 9.999 then wouldn't that make a 9.999 the new perfect score?

N4PS3Fanboys2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

GTA IV is a work of art and fully deserves its place as the second highest rated game of all-time, with a 98 on Metacritic. Casual gamers cannot appreciate the immense technical achievement IV was. Liberty City was far and away the most realistic, immersive, and detailed game environment ever.

The script (ten times the length of a Hollywood movie) and voice acting are Oscar-worthy. There are literally tens of thousands of lines of dialogue in the game. Liberty City itself is so dense with culture, from its varied architecture to its internet sites and range of satirical television and radio shows. Everything is interconnected in such a way that it really brings the city to life and gives it character.

GTA IV has the open world game genre on lockdown. If you play Saints Row 2 after GTA IV, it feels like you've hopped back two generations. Strange, because SR2 came out months after IV. Everything seems so archaic, from the vehicle handling to the bland and lifeless city of Stilwater. Sure, you can spray feces on people and run around zapping people with shock paddles, but who cares when the game world is so uninspired and the physics, graphics, controls and story are so atrocious in comparison. Sure, it's a decent game on its own, but when you compare it to GTA IV, it's laughably bad.

Now back to GTA IV. I've never before played a game that had so much care and attention put into even the tiniest little details. The vehicle physics and deformation (rivaling even that of Burnout) are easily the best in any open-world game, and make it fun to simply drive around aimlessly. You can FEEL the weight of the car as you go over every little bump and running down peds never gets old with Euphoria working its magic.

I'm not sure how people can complain about GTA IV's replay value. The game is already longer than 90% of games these days. The speed run achievement for GTA IV is to finish the game in 30 hours. That's a speed run. You probably wouldn't get that much time out of Saints Row 2, even including multiplayer and time spent messing around. Who knows how long it would take to finish IV's story if you weren't rushing and skipping every cutscene.

Then there's multiplayer, which you could potentially get endless replayabilty out of. There's certainly no shortage of people playing online, since the game has not fallen out of the Top 10 most played games on Xbox LIVE since its release.

If you can't find something to do in GTA IV after you finish the story, then you must have no imagination at all. You need things force fed to you and maybe you should stick with linear games that tell you exactly what to do and lead you along a set path.

With GTA IV, everything just comes together to make the perfect experience. GTA IV is GAMING HEAVEN...


Rockstar already has a reputation as one of, if not the, greatest game developer of all-time. We wouldn't expect anything less than perfect from them. I doubt RDR can live up to GTA IV's standards, but it will still be one hell of a game!

Millah2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

^^^^Whoa dude, clean up your chin, I think you got a little Niko Bellic on you.

SpikeSpiegel2957d ago

I don't understand why people who extremely like GTA4 always seem to have a snobbish attitude to those who dont share the "OMG! Game of all time!" sentiment. Gamers and critics can call GTA4 a work of art all they want, but I dont believe that we paid $60 to marvel at its technical achievements.

The appeal of a sandbox game is the illusion that we are free to go anywhere and do anything. For a sandbox game, GTA4 felt severely limited. Gone were the different types of activities and over the top fun replaced with repetitive phone calls, 5 minute television programs, and a comedy club. It may have realistic physics and a living breathing atmosphere, but all that is window dressing once you realize thats all the game had to offer.

Saints Row 2 may not of had the polish Rockstar's game featured, yet it still delivered the most important thing in a sandbox game.. A fun experience.

The disappointment with GTA4 is that while R* created a detailed environment, they gave us very little to do around it.

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hamoor2958d ago

nothing more satisfying than kicking some western gangs @asses while listening to the good the bad and the ugly soundtrack :)

Jsynn72958d ago

This game looked like a phenom from jump. I pre-ordered it when I saw the very first trailer. Good call.

AAACE52958d ago

This will probably be one of the best games this year! I hope people are open minded to this experience. I don't care which system you like, pick this game up!

Ju2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

This will actually be the first Wild West game I'm buying...

And no surprise at the score.

ThanatosDMC2957d ago

I know! It's weird i've never been interested in wild west movies/games this is the first. Unless you count that movie of Will Smith with that robot crab thing.

YogiBear2956d ago


That's a shame because that is probably one of the worst westerns ever made.

mastiffchild2958d ago

Always nice to see a game you're looking forward to getting a good reception and I'm really up for RDR especially seeing how few western style games get made. Hopefully this will sell better than previous western tinged games like the underplayed Gun on PS2.

While I actually think OPM score their reviews pretty fairly, though, I have to say, again, that the number of games getting ten/ten even there concerns me. Where do we go, say, if the sequel to RDR is even better than this? Eleven? Twelve? It's a gfripe of mine but I feel games at the top end deserve distinguishing between like any others and as a result I prefer sites/mags to use a percentage system AND/OR all of the range available to them. It's just that I suspect very few of these games that get perfect scores would do if it weren't for the fact 90% of games get between 6 and 10/10 rather than stinkers getting ones and twos. Be nice, also, if a perfect score meant a perfect game like it really should d but when seven is the average there's little room to choose between better games and the number of perfect scores has gone through the roof which embarasses the whole shebang when game like GTA4 which splits the critics from the gamer comes along or when games getting seven in the same mag can vary wildly in quality just cos it's a safe score.

AKS2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

I think you're "dead" wrong (cheesy pun, huh?) here. A 10/10 doesn't necessarily mean "perfect," nor "should" it. The reviewer writing the review and assigning the score defines the meaning of their numerical rating, not the reader. Thus 10/10 could simply mean that it's among the best in a genre from the reviewer's perspective, not a perfect game in every way.

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ElementX2958d ago

Holy sh!t! I have purposely never read any information nor seen any videos of this game just to be completely blown away by the experience of discovering it for myself, however I did watch that second video and holy crap! All that stuff is new to me, I couldn't hold off any longer, I had to watch! I've had this preordered for a long time because I knew Rockstar wouldn't let me down!

sak5002958d ago

I dont know man, GTAIV got nearly perfect score all across and i coudnnt even finish one island. The cars handled like they were on amphetamine. And running from one side of town to another got boring pretty quick. Anyway, will not buy into the hype this time, will wait for actual gamers views.

Trey_4_life2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

You know what, i have had enough of people talking sh*t about GTA4, you guys really sound like you have no clue what makes a game great, hence why your not a journalist being paid to voice an opinion on games.

GTA4 got high scores for a reason because it was great, the story was top notch, car physics were fine tuned down to the tee and the ambience ofr the city made it feel alive.

Perhaps when you actually turn old enough to play it then you will appreciate what makes it a great game

CadDad2958d ago


I understand that GTA4 appeals to a lot of people, but saying you need to be "old enough" to enjoy it is ridiculous. I'm certainly "old enough" but I didn't really enjoy the constant barrage of over the top stuff. I'm old enough to not get all worked up over that kind of stuff, or need it to enjoy myself. Perhaps I'm "too old" to enjoy the 'controversy' it tries very hard to enact with every step.

Take away the shock and awe of GTA4 and you're left with an open world game with quite a bit of repetition and grinding. Fun, but not overly so. Take away the need for the shock and awe, and you're left with a gamer having an 'average' opinion of GTA4, which is the position I'm in and it has nothing to do with age.

As for RDR. I have it pre-ordered and I hope it is better (for me) than GTA4 was. The old west appeals far more to me than an urban setting. The lawlessness of the old-west caters far more realistically to this type of gameplay than the urban environment does. It's far more realistic for an outlaw to be 'over the top' and not get caught in that setting. I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope it's more like Fallout than GTA4


Your A Towel2957d ago

key word you didn't enjoy it so i guess the game dose not deserve a 10.
trey good point bubbles.

CadDad2957d ago

I said nothing of the score or what it deserved. I was merely commenting on Trey's ridiculous assumption that people didn't enjoy it because they weren't "old enough".

I leave the ridiculousness of 'scores' to reviewers.


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ElementX2958d ago

Well, it looks spectacular. Look for my reviews on Amazon. I have reviews for Just Cause 2 and 3D Dot Game Heroes. They're both the top reviews. Which reminds me, I have to update my 3DDGH review and add more info.

aaronisbla2957d ago

But Sak, there is/ was barely any hype surrounding this game, why wait for other gamer's reviews? Rent it if you have to and make your own judgment. Keep in mind, quite a few gamers actually agreed that gTA4 was a 10, should you trust their opinions or form your own? If you fall for hype, thats your fault

BeaArthur2958d ago

Nice. Starting to get amped up for Tuesday.

iceman062957d ago

I was amped up for Tuesday when I first heard that they were making this! But, I feel you. This might just complete my desire to play a Unforgiven, Magnificent Seven, Tombstone, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, style game! Then again, can any game live up to those movies? Guess we'll see on Tuesday!!!

thehitman2958d ago

QQ I need to save my money for SC2....

MiloGarret2958d ago

FINE, I'll preorder it then.