The BIGS Review for Xbox 360

The guys over at seem to have opinions too.
This time its about the baseball game known as "The Biggs"
Reviewed by Professor Chaos.

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cdzie13906d ago

Until I played the demo.. I went out and bought it and I can't put it down! Good fun!

Caxtus7503905d ago

XBOX 360!!

so why post here? same as Harry Potter on PS2 in every possible channel! no!

Anyways, seems a fun game i guess but as im from the UK im not really up to speed with baseball

THE HIVE MIND3905d ago

im not a giant baseball nerd but i did download it
and i was completly astounded by it
great fun for a demo
great visuals
great gameplay
and high replay value
as for a demo i rate it 5/5