XBL Radio ver 49.0: Roid Rage

XBL Radio Ver 49.0:
-Video Game Politics: Are you standing up for your rights as a gamer?
-In Game Advertising: It's here to stay, and some think it's working.
-EA to ad to games. err… I mean Advertise in games. Err I mean more ads.

-Dead Rising 2: It may or may not be in development. And Shaun is nowhere to be found.
-The house that Slime Built is about to get your casual game dollars.
-Rusty Ranchero Listen Up: SHADOWRUN gets a little love. This should PATCH things up.


-NCAA 08: TOG huddles up with Carpal for the latest in College Football.
-The Biggs: Mighty Carpal tells us why this Slugfest is actually fun.
-KID PIX: Surf's Up for Cameron as he hangs 10 with XBL Radio.

-Squdpunch has the 360 Friendspot SPOT.
-GUI J hits us up with the Marketplace Minute.
-Useless Tips.
-Console Crimes.

All this and our winner of the 360 RacingWheel on this edition of XBL Radio.

The only other way to get this pumped up would be to eat a urinal cake from Barry Bond's Locker!

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