Split/Second Developer Conference Call

Xbox Evolved:

"The call starts at 1PM EST. We'll be live blogging any information as it happens. After the call we'll post audio feed. "

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Blaze9292721d ago

Sweet. Can't wait for this and Blur

AridSpider2721d ago

Fully agree. Loved both demos

Blaze9292721d ago

I personally didn't like the Split/Second demo too much because of how easy it was. Hoping the difficulty is better in the final version. PURE was a hard as hell game

Hellsvacancy2721d ago

Is the demo (Split/Second) any good? i didnt wanna waste my time downloadin it and findin out its like Race Driver Grid (which was crap)

ProA0072721d ago

Think I might go for Blur instead imo

tokoshix2721d ago

Think I might go for Modnation Racers instead imo... haha

Anyway, the game looks good, but I'm gonna wait for some reviews before I fully decide on which racing game I want.

Blaze9292721d ago

Oh yeah wow, Modnation Racers DOES come out this month too huh? Crazy racing month

KiwiSplodgeFace2721d ago

Same here, still not sure which one to go for yet.

DailyAddict2721d ago

The demo didn't blow my mind, but seems like a good game. Blur demo because it was multiplayer really showed the focus for that game is there and I'm sort of wondering how well Split/Second will be online.

Gunner_Ali2721d ago

spli second was awesome reminded me of the past burnout games with a kill button lol

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