7 Indie Games That Dominate Commercial Titles

Instead of dropping $60 on a commercial title that might not even impress, here are seven free games that not only satisfy but blow away mainstream blandness.

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BacteriaEP2777d ago

If not a little predictable. Expect all the "major" indie games to be on this list.

john master lee2777d ago

Never heard of any of these games on this list. Now that's indie.

almehdaaol2777d ago

Anybody ever play that browser based, txt RPG Dragon Court? God I loved that that "indie" by todays cool standards?

Abriael2777d ago

While more tame than the original "beat the hell out of", "dominate" is a clear exaggeration even considering those games good.
There's none in that list that "dominates" anything. I've been seriously tempted to report this submission as lame, since the choice of title is obvious flamebait for hits.